9 Gorgeous Dildos You Won’t Want to Put Down

9 Gorgeous Dildos You Won’t Want to Put Down

We know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we won’t all agree on how beautiful something is. But if you’re tired of realistic dildos that look a little too real, and you want something colorful, vibrant, or simply unique, new gorgeous dildos may be exactly what you need in your life.

Whether you’re new to using a dildo or you want to add to your growing collection, here are a few you may never want to put down — because they feel good and because they look so good.

Icicles No. 70

Icicles No. 70This deep purple glass dildo is beautiful from afar, but bring the Icicles No. 70 closer, and you’ll find it’s functional, too. The curve and texture will add to the sensations you feel deep inside, especially against your g-spot during vaginal penetration. Because it’s glass, feel free to warm it up or cool it down for a completely new experience.

Chrystalino Champ

The Chrystalino Champ is a bright blue with plenty of its own curves. The bulbous tip is designed to hit all the right spots. Its design makes it perfect for vaginal or anal penetration, so play with your g-spot or p-spot, whatever works for you. The smooth glass is easily cleaned and ready for use whenever you’re ready to play.

Icicles No. 8

Icicles No. 8Want something with a bit of texture and sensation? The Icicles No. 8 is a seemingly simple rippled dildo good for all kinds of penetrative fun. But look closer. The beauty can be found deep within, literally the design is on the inside of the glass. No matter which way you look, you get a different view of sex toy beauty.

Colours Pleasure

Love the feel of a realistic dildo but hate how it looks? You’re going to love Colours Pleasure dildos. Choose from a deep turquoise, purple, or pink without giving up what you love about other dildos. It’s eight inches of solid silicone with the veins, glans, and balls you want in your penetrative fun.

Real Nude Ergo

Real Nude ErgoChoose from purple or pink in this sleekly designed and slightly realistic dildo. The Real Nude Ergo is smooth against the skin and brightly colored, but it’s also go the details that make other dildos so popular. Take advantage of the slight bend to hit all your best spots — g-spot or prostate.

Temptasia Bellatrix

Want a dildo like you’ve never seen before? The Temptasia Bellatrix isn’t your typical sex toy. The curved tip and bulbous shape are meant to hit your most sensitive areas for maximum pleasure. The smooth silicone feels good against your skin, and the design is fun to look at. Thankfully, it’s even more fun to use — alone or with a partner.

Colours Pride

Colours PrideWant to show your pride all year long? The Colours Pride dildo gives you everything you love about the other brightly hued dongs but with the rainbow you love. This silicone toy stands at five inches, slightly shorter than other Colours versions but it still gets the job done. It’s great for solo fun or plenty of penetrative fun with your partner.

Tantus Vamp

Looking for a dildo that isn’t candy-colored and overly sweet? The coppery orange of the Tantus Vamp may be exactly what you need. The ridge and veins add plenty of sensation, while the super soft silicone moves with your body. This is a dildo that makes a statement — it’s bold, beautiful, and here for your pleasure.

Avant D3 Summer Fling

Avant D3 Summer FlingCan a dildo give you a summer vibe? If anything can, the Avant D3 Summer Fling is probably it. Made by Blush, this purple, orange, and pink dildo will make you feel warm all over in so many ways. The silicone is super soft and smooth, and the curves will hit all your favorite spots. Use it alone or put it in your strapon harness!


Sex toys are meant to be fun — that’s why we call them “toys” after all. That includes your dildos, too. If you love the different flesh-tones and veins of more realistic options, keep playing with them! But if you want something beautiful to add to your dildo collection, you’ve got more options than you realize. No matter what kind of dildo makes you happy, you can find it at Caliente Adult Superstore!

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