6 Sex Toys You Can Use in Multiple Ways

6 Sex Toys You Can Use in Multiple Ways

When you buy a sex toy, you need it to perform a specific function, and it’s easy to believe that’s all you can do with it. In fact, many sex toys can be used in multiple ways, depending on your body, your preferences, and the toy itself.

If you’re bored with the way you’ve been playing with a favorite toy or you want something different but can’t buy something new right now, it’s time to reimagine how you use the toy you’ve got. Check out these six sex toys and some of the other ways you (or a partner) can enjoy them.

Body Massager

Body MassagerBody massagers, also known as wand massagers, were originally designed to actually massage stiff muscles, so yes, you can use it for that. But people figured out fairly quickly that they felt great on the vulva and were perfect for clitoral orgasms. If you love your body massager but wish it could do more, it can! Depending on how you play and who you play with, you can also stimulate nipples or a partner’s penis or testicles. Play with the settings to find what works because the one you like for your clit might not be right for other parts.

Vibrating Cock Ring

Most people think of vibrating cock rings as a his and her kind of sex toy, and it can be. He gets the squeeze around his penis that he needs, and she gets vibrations against her clit that she needs. But a couples cock ring can be used solo, too. No partner required. Your success with this will depend on the style of the cock ring, but all you need to do is turn it around. That’s right, wear it so that the bullet vibrator sits against your body — shaft, scrotum, or perineum. You might be surprised at how good it can feel.

Small Dildos

Small DildosYou can do what we’re about to suggest with large dildos too but if it’s new to you, start with your smallest one first. Of course you know that dildos can be used for vaginal penetration, and if that’s what you use it for, our ideas might give you new ways to play. Your small dildo can also be used for blowjob fantasies (or practice if you really want to get good at deepthroating). You can also use it for anal penetration — with yourself or a partner. Pegging (anal penetration of men) is more popular than you realize and fun for lots of people. It’s also a great way to get double duty from a single sex toy.

Finger Vibrators

This applies to any small vibrator, like a bullet vibe, too, but using a finger vibrator that you place over your finger makes this even easier. Where else do you like to be touched or to touch yourself? That’s where you can use the finger vibrator. Stroke your nipples or your anus. Share your vibrator with your partner, and let them explore and touch — themselves or you! Because these toys aren’t designed for internal use, keep it on the outside if you engage in anal stimulation. No matter how tightly you hold it, it could get stuck and not come out.

G-Spot Vibrator

G-Spot VibratorYou may be using your g-spot vibrator as it was intended — to make your body explode with pure pleasure from the inside out. But just because it’s meant to hit one spot doesn’t mean you can’t explore other parts of your body with your vibrator. Try it against your clitoris, if that feels good. Use it on your partner — wherever they prefer stimulation. Just because a toy is made for one spot doesn’t meant it can’t be amazing somewhere else on your body, too.

G-Spot Dildo

You might see some dildos “made” for pegging, but some dildos can pull double duty. Your g-spot dildo is curved for a reason — to hit the right spot inside the body. If your partner has a prostate (aka the p-spot), this may be the perfect dildo for him. Because of the angle and curve, your dildo can reach spots your finger or a straighter sex toy won’t be able to. If you’re new to anal penetration, start slowly and work your way up. But if it’s something you do all the time, it might be time to share your toys for a different kind of pleasure.


Sex toys are meant to be played with, experimented with, all to try new sensations. That goes beyond using a toy in the way its intended or marketed to be used. With a bit of imagination and a sense of safety, one toy can make you feel multiple things — in different spots and in different ways.

Check out the video version if you’d rather watch and listen!

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