8 Vibrating Pocket Pussies to Use for Bigger, Better Orgasms

8 Vibrating Pocket Pussies to Use for Bigger, Better Orgasms

If stroking yourself with your favorite pocket pussy is good, could anything make it even better? Sure, but what?  Maybe vibrations? Pulsation? Escalation? All the things that vibrators do, but inside a slick, realistic masturbation stroker — surrounding your shaft.

If that sounds like exactly what you need for your next orgasm, check out these eight vibrating pocket pussies designed to make you feel better than ever.

PDX Elite Mega Milker

PDX Elite Mega MilkerWant something high-powered, durable, and with all the bells and whistles? The PDX Elite Mega Milker comes from a long line of vibrating pocket pussies designed to milk you dry and make you feel amazing. You get six speeds of squeeze and release pleasure along with plenty of suction power. Even better, this stroker offers fully automated vibration so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Cyberskin Vulcan Mocha

Tired of all the beige and pink strokers? Want something that reminds you of other women you know? Try the vibrating Cyberskin Vulcan in mocha. You get the tight, textured inner sleeve you crave with the addition of a bullet vibe to surround your shaft in pure pleasure. This open-ended pocket pussy accommodates any penis size and makes for easy clean up, so it’s ready to use whenever you’re ready to jack off.

Pretty Love Hedy

Pretty Love HedyWhen you want a powerful pocket pussy that doesn’t look like you’re holding a disembodied vulva, try the Pretty Love Hedy. The clear canister and white sleeve looks futuristic and feels freaking amazing. It has a super strong suction base that allows for multi-angle positioning. Find the right angle, turn on the bullet vibe, and stroke yourself until your toes curl.

Mistress Brianna

Gotta a kinky thing for women in power? You need Mistress Brianna. Let her have her way with your schlong. This deep, double-textured sleeve grabs your shaft in all new ways. The vibrating egg adds sensations you’ve never experienced before. The open-ended sleeve makes clean up easy, and with the orgasm you’re about to have, you need that. But the real question is: What does Mistress Brianna want and can you give it to her?

Hot Chocolate Doggy Style

Hot Chocolate Doggy StyleThere’s nothing wrong with having a favorite sex position and wanting it when you jack off. Thanks to the Hot Chocolate Doggy Style you can enjoy it without a partner. Use the remote control to control the multi-speed vibrations. Choose from one of two entries and enjoy the deep, ribbed canal for as long as you can handle it. Hold on and wring all the pleasure you can out of both tight holes.

M for Men Sofia

Got a hot fantasy about a gorgeous woman named Sofia? If you didn’t before, you will now. This soft, textured sleeve is open-ended and fits any size penis. The vibrating bullet surrounds your erection in powerful stimulation. Hold on, stroke the way you like best, and let Sofia make you feel good all over. Keep your stroker clean, and Sofia will be ready anytime you are.

Zolo Original

Zolo OriginalCraving a different kind of experience from your pocket pussy? The Zolo Original isn’t like all the rest. If you love this Zolo, wait until you find out how many options they offer for your orgasmic pleasure from textures to sensation. Use the seven function bullet to find your favorite vibrations and let the soft sleeve surround your shaft in the most realistic climax you’ve had in a long time.

Main Squeeze Original

Ready to give up the cheap pocket pussies and buy something bigger and better? Try the Main Squeeze Original. It looks out of this world because it is. Choose your favorite sensations from the nine function bullet and keep it going using the wireless remote. You’ll get both a stroking and suction action as well as a realistic sleeve to help you achieve pleasure you’ve never known before.


The right sex toy can make or break your next orgasm. Standard pocket pussies have their uses, and some are amazing. But when you need new sensations and more stimulation, it’s time to take your pleasure to a new level. Vibrating pocket pussies give you more of what you already enjoy about strokers while adding vibrations and pulsations to amp up your climax. Once you try your first one, you may never go back to anything else again.

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