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Pocket Pussies

Are you bored with your Monday night wank? Has masturbation become the thing you do when you can’t sleep? Have all your kinkiest fantasies dried up because you’re just going through the motions? It happens to the best of us. At Caliente Adult Superstore, we offer plenty of sex toys to make your orgasms fun and exciting!

The best cure is to spice up your orgasms with something fun and different — like a pocket pussy! No matter what you’re fantasizing about, there’s a pocket pussy to fit your needs and your dong.

buy pocket pussies from Caliente Adult SuperstoreLove the booty? Get an anal pocket pussy!

Ready for a good blowjob? Try a tight mouth pocket pussy!

Wishing you had a tight, hot, little…well, you know what you need — a pocket pussy!

Want more than one way to enjoy your pocket pussy? Look for one that offers both vaginal and anal penetration.

That’s right. No matter who you want to do and where you like it best, you can have it. Pocket pussies are small, fit into your hand, and squeeze your shaft in all the right ways. They’re one of the most popular types of masturbation strokers you can buy and for good reason.

The textured design means you’ll get sensations your hand will never be able to provide. The soft material feels as close to life-like as you can get without having a warm, willing partner in your bed. Best of all, most of them are reusable, so whenever you’re ready to jack off, your pocket pussy is ready to go.

At Caliente Adult Superstore, we have hundreds of pocket pussies to choose from in every style, color, and texture you can imagine. Choose something realistic when you want to masturbate to your favorite fantasy. Like unique sex toys? Look for pocket pussies that look like something from outer space. There’s no right way to get yourself off, and you can get a different pocket pussy for every fantasy and desire!

Frequently Asked Questions about Pocket Pussies

Q: Are pocket pussies reusable?

A: Check the pocket pussy you want to buy. Some are one-time use only which means you don’t have to clean it up. But others can be used multiple times, as long as you keep it clean. If you start to see tears or smell something weird, it’s time to retire your pocket pussy and get a new one.

Q: Will I need lube?

A: One-time pocket pussies are usually pre-lubricated but it might not be enough, so make sure you have lube handy. Reusable pocket pussies need to be lubed up before you play. Use the right lube for your pocket pussy. Jelly, rubber, CyberSkin, RealSkin, PureSkin, silicone, and other soft materials all need water-based lubricant. Any other kind could ruin your toy.

Q: How do I clean a pocket pussy?

A: Keeping your pocket pussy clean means you get to use it longer and more often. Soap, water, and a good rinse is often enough to keep it clean. You may want to use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner instead of soap. Let it dry completely and store it in a cool, dark place. This will keep it clean and ready for you when you’re ready to jack off again.

Q: Are all pocket pussies small and discreet?

A: Most pocket pussies you see will fit easily in your hand. They’re easy to put away and will go unnoticed. But some pocket pussies offer a more complete experience with hips to hold onto while you get yourself off. If discretion is important to you, look for styles that are the standard can or tube style.

Q: Are pocket pussies only good for masturbation?

A: Not at all! You can definitely bring your favorite pocket pussy into the bedroom with your partner. Mutual masturbation, kinky play, and letting your partner “drive” your stroker are all great ways to incorporate pocket pussies into fun and sex with your partner. As long as they’re okay with it, and you enjoy the experience, have a good time and get freaky together with your pocket pussy!