6 Ways to Make Your Fleshlight Feel Better Than Ever

6 Ways to Make Your Fleshlight Feel Better Than Ever

In general, a Fleshlight feels amazing because it’s, well, it’s a Fleshlight! But that doesn’t mean even the best sex toys can’t be improved. Whether you’re using it as your first stroker or you’ve grown bored with your favorite Fleshlight, we can help make your next orgasm even better.

Take your masturbation pleasure to a new level with these tips!

Clean Your Fleshlight

Clean Your FleshlightIn general, all sex toys, especially masturbation strokers and sleeves, need to be kept clean. That means you need to clean it after each time you use it. With Fleshlight this goes beyond basic soap and water. To make your stroker feel like new — and as realistic as possible — use renewing powder when you clean. Fleshlight Renew will keep the material soft and supple and feeling amazing for as long as possible.

Only use soap and water or a sex toy cleanser to clean your Fleshlight. Allow it to dry completely before putting it away or doing anything else. Once dry, apply the powder and then store in a cool, dark place.

Use More Lube

New Fleshlights don’t need a lot of lube, but more is nearly always better. And once you’ve had your stroker for a while, you’ll definitely need to add lubricant. Don’t skimp on this. The more lube you use, the less friction you’ll have. Not only will your Fleshlight feel better than ever, you’ll decrease the chance of an accidental rug burn on your penis AND a torn sleeve.

Water based lubricant is the best for a Fleshlight. As the lube dries out, add more so that you keep the slippery sensation going.

Try Sensation Lube

Try Sensation LubeMaybe more lube isn’t the problem. Maybe you’re tired of the sensation you get with the lube you use. Now may be the time to try sensation lube. There are two main types — warming and tingling. A warming lube will heat up the sleeve and your shaft, feeling like a hot, willing partner as you sink in deep. A tingling lube will cool things off and create a much more intense sensation.

Safety tip: Always try sensation lube on a patch of skin like your arm or hand first. You don’t want to find out too late that warming or tingling doesn’t feel good on your groin.

Wear a Cock Ring

There’s no rule that you can’t combine two sex toys for added pleasure. Cock rings get you harder and keep you that way longer. Your penis will be more sensitive than ever, so you’ll feel the texture on the inside of your favorite Fleshlight even more. Take your time masturbating or speed things up. Either way your climax will be bigger than ever.

Add lube to your cock ring, too. Once you’re hard, it’s difficult to take a cock ring off, and you want it to be as comfortable as possible.

Use Your Fleshlight Without the Canister

Use Your Fleshlight Without the CanisterYour Fleshlight comes apart into separate pieces — the sleeve, the canister, and the cap. Take it apart, lube up, and use the sleeve by itself. You get everything you love about Fleshlights with more control over the squeeze and grip on your shaft. You’ll also make cleaning up much easier.

You still need to clean the sleeve when you’re done. Don’t add powder or reassemble your Fleshlight until it’s completely dry.

Watch Porn While You Masturbate

Since so many Fleshlight strokers are modeled after different adult stars, why not watch porn while you get yourself off? If you’re using a specific star’s Fleshlight, look for their video clips online. Even if you’re using one of the other styles, porn and Fleshlight go together like pizza and beer. Putting on a bit of porn may make it easier to fantasize and give you a better orgasm.

You don’t have to stick with the same porn star or type of porn each time. Switch things up each time you masturbate for a completely new and different experience.


You spent a lot of money on your Fleshlight, and it’s a quality sex toy that you want to be able to use for a long time. But it’s not uncommon to get bored with even the best stroker. If that’s happened to you, make your favorite toy feel new again with these tips. Once you realize how good a Fleshlight can feel, you might want to collect even more!

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