8 Sasha Grey Pocket Pussies for Her Horniest Fans

8 Sasha Grey Pocket Pussies for Her Horniest Fans

Maybe you just discovered your love for Sasha Grey or maybe she’s a favorite from your younger days of jacking off while watching porn in a dark bedroom. Either way, she’s the star of plenty of kinky, dirty fantasies. You can bring your fantasies a little closer to reality with one of her pocket pussies. Many are molded directly from her body so you to enjoy her sweet body up close and personal.

Whether you want to start a Sasha Grey collection or you want the perfect Sasha Grey stroker, start with this list to find your new favorite pocket pussy.

Sasha Grey Ultraskyn Cream Pie

Sasha Grey Ultraskyn Cream PieWant to feel like you’re going hard on Sasha Grey herself? The Sasha Grey Ultraskyn Cream Pie is molded directly from her pussy, so you get the most realistic experience possible. The interior tunnel is ribbed for your pleasure. Even better, it’s travel size, so you can take her with you anywhere you go.

Sasha Grey Pussy Stroker

Looking for a simple, no-frills pocket pussy so you can focus on Sasha’s videos? Try the Sasha Grey Pussy Stroker. It’s made with grip comfort in mind with a realistic look and a tight tunnel. Indulge in your horniest fantasies of your favorite adult star, and jack off until you can’t see straight (but we promise, you won’t go blind from it).

Main Squeeze Sasha Grey

Main Squeeze Sasha GreyWant to feel like you’re really sinking into Sasha’s tight hole? Try the Main Squeeze Sasha Grey pocket pussy, molded from Sasha herself, made with special Squeeze Plate technology. This uses an airtight end cap that twists to adjust the suction power. Make her as tight as you can handle it, and give her everything you’ve got.

Hustler Barely Legal Sasha Grey

Consider this one a throwback to Sasha’s early career. The Hustler Barely Legal Vibrating Anal Stroker for Sasha Grey gives you thrills, chills, and the fantasy of thrusting into a young, sexy ass. You get Sasha’s tight asshole with a textured tunnel and a bullet vibrator for maximum pleasure.

Hustler Toys Sasha Grey

Hustler Toys Sasha GreyWant a more mature version of Sasha Grey? Check out the Hustler Toys Sasha Grey stroker that has her spreadeagled for you and vibrates. Even better, you get two holes to choose from. Sink into her pussy or her ass depending on your mood. Both holes are molded from her body so you get as realistic an experience as possible. Get a grip on her and let the vibrations add to your pleasure with each thrust.

Sasha Grey 2 Fuckhole Masturbator

What’s better than one go at Sasha Grey? How about two? In this case, we’re talking about the double-sided Sasha Grey 2 Fuckhole Masturbator. On one end, you get access to her sweet pussy, and on the other, her tight ass. Both are molded directly from the sexy adult star herself. Each side has it’s own internal texture, so it really is a unique experience no matter which side you choose.

The Sasha Grey Experience

The Sasha Grey ExperienceLooking to fulfill all of your Sasha Grey fantasies? Try the Sasha Grey Experience — a deluxe combination of two pocket pussies, three holes, and Sasha’s special lube. You get the Sasha Grey 2 Fuckhole Masturbator, her Deep Throat Pocket Pal, and Sasha Grey’s Love Spit aka lube. Choose the hole you most want to fill, add her special lube, and you’ll get as close to a true Sasha Grey experience as possible.

Zero Tolerance Sasha Grey

The reason you lust after Sasha Grey in the first place is because of her porn, right? Instead of buying her pocket pussy and searching online for her clips, what if you could get both together? The Zero Tolerance Sasha Grey collection includes a Sasha Grey pocket pussy complete with a textured tight channel, but that’s not all. You also get a code to download four hour-long movies of hers — at no additional cost!


Do you usually watch Sasha Grey porn with your hand down your pants? Why not kick your crush and fantasy up a notch or two with her tight mouth, ass, or pussy wrapped around your shaft, instead? Any of these Sasha Grey pocket pussies will get the job done, but with all these choices, you can look for the one (or more!) that bring your dirty fantasies to life.

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