8 Pocket Pussies That Will Make You Never Want to Use Your Hand Again

8 Pocket Pussies That Will Make You Never Want to Use Your Hand Again

No shame in your masturbation game — especially if you prefer your hand. But if you’re getting bored with the same old wank, it’s probably time to venture out into new territory…with a sex toy. The right pocket pussy can help you get over any masturbation boredom and help you indulge whatever sexy or kinky fantasies you’ve got. You just have to find the stroker that’s perfect for you.

Here are eight that will make you never want to get off with just your hand again.

Cyber Snatch

Cyber SnatchWant something that feels a little futuristic? Don’t need a realistic pocket pussy as long as it feels good? The Cyber Snatch offers out of this world pleasure in a tiny package. This palm-sized stroker is perfect for penises of any size, clocking in at five inches, so you can stroke it up and down, all night long.

MILF Stroke Her

If you like mature women with experience, you’re going to love the MILF Stroke Her. Indulge your MILF fantasies while keeping your pleasure in your own hands and at home. This easy grip sleeve allows you to control the pressure and stimulation. At seven inches long, your entire shaft will be stimulated and satisfied.

Mamacita Latin

Mamacita LatinIf you love a sexy Latinx lady in your life, you’re going to really enjoy the Mamacita Latin. The stroker is palm-sized, and the sleeve is both tight and incredibly soft. You may never want to put pants on again. Thankfully, she’s ready to go whenever you are, so take your time, have fun, and get yourself off while imagining this sexy lady in bed with you.

F*ck Me Silly

When you want the convenience of a pocket pussy but you also want something you can hold onto, check out F*ck Me Silly. You can penetrate this toy as a vagina stroker or a booty stroker. Even better, this toy is made to be flipped, gripped, and ridden hard. If you’ve got to DIY your orgasm, you might as well have something to hold onto while you do it.

The Farm Girl

The Farm GirlAptly named “Cheap Thrills” if you have fantasies of a quick bang with someone down on the farm, check out The Farm Girl pocket pussy. She can be anyone you want her to be. Sweet and innocent, dirty and kinky, or something in between. Whenever you use your toy, she’s your farm girl to enjoy and pleasure at the same time.

Just Pussy

Sometimes you just want p*ssy. That’s it. Nothing complicated. No strings attached. Just a soft, wet, vagina wrapped around your dong. If you’re lacking a partner, grab the Just Pussy stroker, lube up, and have a quick wank. Keep it simple and keep it fun.

Cyberskin Vulcan

Cyberskin VulcanWant a pocket pussy that genuinely feels like a real woman wrapped around your penis? The Cyberskin Vulcan in beautiful mocha recreates the texture of an actual vagina. You can close your eyes and get lost in whatever fantasy turns you on most. Imagine your favorite adult star, a cute co-worker you flirt with at work, or a fantasy partner. Masturbation doesn’t have to be a thing you do when you’re bored. It can be something you look forward to, and this stroker helps that happen.

Extreme Deluxe See Through

If you’ve ever wondered what’s actually going on when you stick your penis into a pocket pussy, here’s your chance to find out. The Extreme Deluxe See Through stroker lets you watch yourself through the canister and sleeve. Like seeing your shaft move in and out while feeling so damn good at the same time? You’re going to love this pocket pussy…especially once the pleasure beads on the inside begin to work their magic.


There’s never any shame in self pleasure and using a toy while you masturbate. Whether you’ve already got a pocket pussy or two or you’re completely new to strokers, any one of these will get you off, feel great, and be easy to use. Don’t believe us? Just check out the reviews from satisfied customers. And if you’re looking for something else, don’t worry. At Caliente Adult Superstore, we have strokers, masturbators, and sex toys of all kinds to help you get off in the way you enjoy most.

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