Why Your Next Girls’ Night Out Should be to a Sex Shop

Why Your Next Girls’ Night Out Should be to a Sex Shop

It doesn’t matter if your girls’ night is with your bestie or all your friends from the office. You want it to be fun and a way to relax and let loose. You’ve gone to wine tastings, happy hours, the movies, and to dinner. But have you taken your girls’ night out to a sex shop?

Adult stores don’t have to be scary, intimidating, or creepy. In fact, it might be the perfect place for your next night out with friends. Here’s why.

Confidence in Numbers

Confidence in NumbersIf you’ve never been into an adult store on your own, or you’ve only done it once or twice, it can be intimidating. You might not know what to expect or even what all the products are or do. But when you go in a group, or even with one friend, you know you’re not alone. That allows you walk in with a bit more confidence. If nothing else, this might be an adventure you both laugh about later.

Plenty of Answers for Your Questions

Unless everyone in your group is new to sex toys (and that’s unlikely given how popular they are), this is everyone’s chance to ask each other a lot of questions — and get some answers. Of course, the staff is also there to answer your questions. And you might feel less uncertain about asking when your friends want to know the answer, too. Yes, shopping at a sex toy store can be educational as well as fun. Especially if you go in willing to learn something new.

Learn About Different Kinds of Sexual Pleasure

Learn About Different Kinds of Sexual PleasureEven if you already have a favorite sex toy like a vibrator or a dildo, there’s always something new to learn. At a sex shop, you can browse through the different toys, ask questions (see above) and chat with your friends about what everyone enjoys. In the process, you’re sure to learn something new. It might be about a specific toy, something to try with lube, or a thing your partner should do with their tongue next time you get naked together. Being in a sex toy store tends to loosen inhibitions. You and your friends may be more willing to talk about sex than you usually do.

Normalize Sexual Pleasure

If you’ve ever thought you were the only one who masturbated or liked a certain sensation, let us assure you, you’re not alone. But it’s easy to feel that way when sex, masturbation, and sex toys are kept so private. By going into a sex shop with your friends, you’re showing each other that this is a completely normal thing. That you can each have your unique desires, fantasies, and kinks, and it’s okay. Your sex toys, masturbation habits, and porn collection don’t have to be dirty little secrets. This might be the perfect time to share what you like and help normalize pleasure for everyone else.

Go Home with a New Sex Toy

Go Home with a New Sex ToyWhether you’re single or you’re going home to a partner, it’s never a bad time to bring home a new sex toy. By shopping with your friends, you might be willing to try something new or get a toy you’ve wanted but haven’t bought yet. There’s nothing like our friends egging us on to do the thing we really want to do but think we shouldn’t. It makes it easier to buy that massive dildo or high-powered vibrator when our friends encourage us to do it. Of course, there’s the conversation (and likely joking) about what you’ll do with it later, but that’s okay, too. You’ve just spent a couple hours at a sex shop with your friends — you know for sure that you’re not the only one who likes it.


Going to sex toy shops aren’t for everyone, and even people who love their toys may want to stay anonymous. So don’t spring this idea on your friends as a surprise. Get their consent first, and go with friends who want to be there. You’ll have more fun, and it will be a better experience for everyone. Don’t be shy when you walk in. Talk to the staff, browse around, and have fun. Whether you’re in Miami or Hialeah, we’d love to see you at a local Caliente Adult Superstore location with your friends or with a partner!

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