Why Shopping at an Adult Store Shouldn’t Feel Weird

Why Shopping at an Adult Store Shouldn’t Feel Weird

Let’s be real here: for many people, shopping at an adult store like Caliente Adult isn’t at all weird. It’s part of their typical routine, and they don’t worry what others think of them or if there’s something wrong with them for wanting to go to a sex toy shop. (Spoiler alert: there’s NOTHING wrong with them.) That’s the ideal situation, and more and more people are getting to that point in their sex toy experience.

But let’s face it, for some people, the idea of shopping for sex toys in a store freaks them out a little or a lot. It feels strange and unnatural. But it doesn’t have to — and it shouldn’t. Here’s why.

You’re Not the Only One

You’re Not the Only OneWhatever thing you want to buy from an adult store, someone else likes it too. Whatever sexual fantasy you have or kink you want to explore, there’s something else out in the world who’s thinking about it, too. You’re never the only one.

Shopping at a sex toy store gives you a chance to see that for yourself. It helps normalize the idea that other people like giant dildos or heavy-duty vibrators or whatever you really like. If you ever want to feel less alone in your desires, occupy genuinely sex-positive spaces, like a good sex toy shop, and let yourself be reminded that you’re not the only one.

Desire is Natural

Thanks to a lack of quality sex education and/or parents who refused to talk about sex in a healthy, positive way, many of us think our sexual desires are weird. So of course the idea of shopping in a store that centers that desire as normal feels strange, too.

Embracing your own desires as natural is a great first step. After that, consider spending time in sex-positive spaces so you can be reminded of how normal your desires really are. Start online if that helps you feel more comfortable, but over time, consider finding a good local adult shop to visit, too.

Sex Toys are Tools

Sex Toys are ToolsIf you can go to a home improvement store to buy a tool for your house, why can’t you go to a store to buy a tool for your sexual pleasure? Of course, you can! But first, you have to see sex toys in that light. Sex toys aren’t shameful. They don’t mean your body is broken or that your relationship won’t last. (If you think that about your relationship, a sex toy isn’t going to fix the problem.)

Toys enhance sexual pleasure. They provide stimulation and sensation your hand can’t on its own. Sex toys allow you to experiment with sensation and experiences, play out your sexiest fantasies, and explore new desires. When you see a sex toy as something useful and meaningful, it’s easy to shop for them as you shop for anything else.

Sex Shops Aren’t Weird, But How We Treat Sex Is

Real talk: some adult stores don’t maintain good standards and can be kind of sketchy (at best) and creepy (at worst). They give all other sex shops a bad name. The majority of stores try to help all customers feel welcome and safe. They hire friendly, helpful staff who can help you find toys that fit your needs and answer your questions.

Don’t let the unfamiliarity of an adult store put you off. Yes, you’re walking into a store where dildos, vibrators, lubes, lingerie, and all kinds of unfamiliar things are front and center. But some of your discomfort likely has little to do with the store and a lot to do with how society treats sex and sexual desire. Find a good store that welcomes you, and that weird feeling won’t last very long.


We don’t think shopping at an adult store or buying sex toys is weird, obviously. But we know plenty of people who do. When in doubt, start with online sex toy shopping. But don’t be afraid to walk into a store (when they’re open again!) to look around, explore, and learn. Everyone has a first time, and it can be a little awkward, but just like sexual pleasure should be normalized, we also need to normalize shopping for our sexual pleasure.

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