Why Sex Toys are Good For Your Relationship

Why Sex Toys are Good For Your Relationship

A lot of people think sex toys are just for single people or when you’re masturbating alone, even if you have a partner. In reality, sex toys are perfect for relationships. They don’t take away from your partner, and they’re not meant to be a replacement for anyone. In fact, they can be a great way to have the kind of sex that both of you love and can’t wait to have more of.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons why sex toys are good for your relationship.

Try New Things Together

Try New Things TogetherNo matter how good you are in bed or how much pleasure your partner makes you feel, it’s easy for your sex life to fall into a routine. A routine isn’t necessarily bad — it means you can rely on each other for something that’s good and works for you. But if you’re craving a new sensation or something kinky, a sex toy adds that little bit of extra to the moment.

By exploring together with sex toys together, there’s less chance either of you will feel left out of the fun. You can each hold your sex toy, try the buttons, and find out what it feels like — even if the sex toy is designed for your partner.

Explore Pleasure Together

Explore Pleasure TogetherA sex toy could simply be a new thing you try together (see above) or it may allow you to explore a new kind of pleasure together. Think anal stimulation, penetration of any kind, bondage, power and control, or multiple orgasms. You don’t have to go solo on this kind of exploration. With a good sex toy and a willing partner, you can do this together.

You might find that you both love certain kinds of kink like spanking or bondage. You may learn that one of you can have multiple orgasms — or both of you — with the right sex toy. Sex toys don’t replace a partner; they add pleasure. When you add sex toys to your relationship, you add more pleasure to it, too.

Better Communication

Better CommunicationIn the middle of sex, it can be hard to tell your partner, “A little to the left” or “Not so fast.” But when you’re using a sex toy, it may feel a bit easier. It’s the toy that needs to improve or be different, not your partner — at least that’s how your partner may perceive the conversation.

Telling your partner to turn up the vibrator can teach them that you like more stimulation. Asking them to press down hard, hold on tighter, or “Do that again!” also teaches them what you like. Once you can talk about sex toys, it’s a lot easier to talk about what they’re doing with their hands, mouth, and other body parts.

Learn More About Each Other

Learn More About Each OtherOne of the best ways to learn what your partner enjoys in bed is to watch them masturbate. Watching them play with a sex toy is a great way to do that. You can watch them use it, and then ask permission to “drive.” As they communicate (see above) about what they like, you learn more about where to touch them to get the best reaction.

The same works in reverse. If you want your partner to know what kind of sensations you enjoy the most, show them. Pull out a prostate massager or pocket pussy and put on a show. Or insert your favorite vibrator or butt plug and let them see what turns you on and gets you off.

More Sexual Satisfaction

More Sexual SatisfactionIf you remember that you’re never in competition with a sex toy, it’s easier to realize that using them together helps you both find greater sexual satisfaction and pleasure. You both get the pleasure you crave without feeling like you’re inadequate or that your partner enjoys their sex toy more than they enjoy you.

It helps that you’ll have learned what turns the other one on and learned how to communicate better in the process. These two things allow you both to have better sex, in general. Which means when you have great sex, you can thank your favorite sex toy for helping out!


Sex toys shouldn’t be something you hide from your partner, and they don’t mean that you don’t like having sex with your partner. If you remember that your favorite toy is nothing but a tool for added pleasure, you’ll find that it absolutely has a place in your relationship and in the bed with you. Don’t surprise a partner with a toy, and always talk about it first. But once you see how much fun it can be, you both might want to add even more.

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