Why It’s Okay to Love Shopping at an Adult Store

Why It’s Okay to Love Shopping at an Adult Store

Sex toys and pleasure are the main focus of any adult store you shop at. Which is what makes it such a great place to be — no matter when you go. If you worry that your love of buying sex toys and shopping at adult shops is “too much,” stop worrying. Your love is nothing to be ashamed of…here’s why!

Adult Shops are All About Play and Pleasure

Adult Shops are All About Play and PleasureWalking into an adult store is like walking into paradise for some shoppers. If you relate, you’re definitely not alone. Every item on every shelf is about pleasure and play. You’re meant to find something that makes you feel good and maybe even look good and then enjoy the heck out of it. No shame in your sexual game here.

What’s not to love about so many things that make different people feel so much pleasure? Not a darn thing! This your place to be an overgrown kid with much better toys than you’ve ever had before.

You’re Not Alone

The best part about adult stores is that it’s absolute proof that you’re not alone in whatever sexy or kinky thing you like. Your local shop has an entire shelf or section devoted to that thing you like which means other people like it, too! You might even see someone buying one your favorite sex toys — more proof that you’re not the only one who loves it!

The amount of acceptance of kinks, passions, and pleasure that you’ll find in a sex toy shop can be overwhelming. For many people, walking in is the first time they ever feel accepted for who they are. For others, adult shops are the first sex positive spaces they’ve ever been in.

Ask Questions and Get Answers

Ask Questions and Get AnswersGoogle is good for a lot of things, but we’ve all had those moments when our search term didn’t give us an answer we could use. The staff at your local adult store shouldn’t be your personal Google, but they can definitely help with some of those questions you’ve got. Not only are you able to talk about the things you’re curious about, you get real answers from people who want to help you.

One of the most common answers we give to one of the most common types of questions is, “Yes, that thing you’re into is normal. No, you’re not a weirdo.” Don’t live in fear that there’s something “wrong” with you because you’re turned on by something or want to use a sex toy. Come in and ask — and get actual answers!

You Have the Freedom to Explore

If you’ve ever had a partner or even a friend who curled their lip and said, “Yuck! Why do you like that?” then you know how bad rejection and shame can sting. Fear of rejection and judgement keeps a lot of people from exploring their deepest desires and trying new things. Many of us grew up being taught and sex and pleasure are somehow shameful. Spoiler alert: sex and pleasure are neither. In fact, they’re amazing!

When you shop at a sex toy store, each visit should feel like a small (or a grand) adventure. You never know what you’ll see or what you’ll find. And if you’ve discovered you’re into something that you’ve never done before, you can probably find a toy to help you try it out. Adult shops are a judgement free zone so explore whatever turns you on and gets you off — within the rules and while respecting consent, of course.


One day we might live in a world where people can go to the sex shop like they go to the grocery store — without shame or worry. Imagine it…You could go in, browse around, find your next pleasure product, and then continue on with your errands. Until that day arrives, many of us may feel a little strange for enjoying our local sex shops as much as we do. But we shouldn’t feel bad at all. There’s so much good happening where sex toys are sold! In fact, maybe we need to invite our friends to go too, so they can experience the same kind of fun!

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