Why Buying Sex Toys Together is Good for Couples

Why Buying Sex Toys Together is Good for Couples

Sex toys aren’t just for single people! Despite unfortunate myths about toys being a poor substitute for a partner, we believe that they’re great for everyone. Lots of people in relationships still masturbate, and toys can also enhance the sex life you share with your partner. That’s why we think you should shop for sex toys together.

Read on to learn why a visit to the (physical or virtual) sex shop can help your relationship. 

It Helps You to Talk About Your Desires

It Helps You to Talk About Your Desires

Let’s face it: talking about sex can be awkward. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that doesn’t encourage people to talk about sex, leading us all to feel like we should be able to read our partner’s mind. 

Browsing a sex shop and buying toys together can be a great way to open up to each other about your desires. 

For example, perhaps telling your partner that you need more attention paid to your clitoris during sex is scary, but browsing mini clitoral vibrators can help open that conversation. Or if you’ve always wanted to be pegged but never been brave enough to ask, looking at dildos together can help you find a way to bring up your fantasy. 

You Can Inspire New Fantasies

Buying sex toys isn’t just about making existing fantasies come true (though it can definitely help you do that!) It can also inspire new fantasies and awaken desires you didn’t know you had. 

For example, maybe you’ve never really been intrigued by pain play before, but that riding crop you spotted at the sex shop has piqued your interest. Or maybe you noticed that naughty roleplay costume and all you can think about is your partner wearing it. 

When you broaden your horizons, you discover interests you may not have found otherwise. This applies in sex just as much as in other areas of life. Learning about kinks, fetishes, and activities you never knew existed can make you realise that you might just be into them! 

It Allows You to Simulate Experiences Your Bodies Can’t Create

It Allows You to Simulate Experiences Your Bodies Can’t Create

Bodies are endlessly amazing, but they also have their limitations. Sex toys allow you to create experiences that you wouldn’t be able to with your bodies alone. 

The most obvious example of this is when two people with vulvas use a strap-on together. Neither has a penis, but penetration feels good. Strapping it on solves that problem. 

For example, perhaps you fantasize about double or triple penetration, but you don’t actually want to have a threesome or group sex. Dildos can make your fantasy come to life in a safe and controlled way! Or perhaps you have a penis but struggle with erectile dysfunction. In this case, using a hollow strap-on or penis extender can solve the problem. 

It Keeps Things Interesting in the Bedroom 

Even in the best relationships, boredom and sameness can creep in after a while. This is true whether you’re in a monogamous or open relationship. If you’re having sex with the same person for a long time, you can end up falling into the same routines and getting into a rut. Buying sex toys together helps keep things fresh and interesting. 

Feeling stuck in a place of sexual boredom? Plan a date night of browsing an online sex shop together and choosing a few items to spice things up. The anticipation alone will rev up your excitement, and when your new toys arrive, you’ll soon be exploring all kinds of new things together. 

Learn New Things About Each Other’s Pleasure

Learn New Things About Each Other’s Pleasure

For most people, your first and longest-term sexual partner will be yourself. That means you are uniquely placed to know exactly what you like and what works for you. Even the best intentioned partner in the world isn’t in your head or your body!

That’s why masturbating in front of each other can be an incredible way to learn more about what works for your partner. Notice that she touches one side of her clit more than the other? Does he use long, slow strokes or fast, short ones? All of this is valuable information to help you pleasure each other better.

Adding toys adds another layer. For example, does your partner favor internal dildos or external vibrators? Do they like a gentle buzz or a hard rumble? Buying toys and paying attention while your partner pleasures themselves in front of you can give you an insight you’d never have gotten otherwise. Not to mention, of course, it’s super hot!


Sexual happiness in a relationship is important. Keeping things fun, pleasurable, and exploratory can go a long way to keeping the spark alive, no matter how long you’ve been together. 

So what are you waiting for? Start browsing together and have fun!

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