What Makes Rabbit Vibrators So Popular?

What Makes Rabbit Vibrators So Popular?

More than 20 years ago, vibrators were brought into the national conversation through an infamous episode from Sex and the City. Don’t be fooled into thinking this was some kind of debut for the rabbit vibrator. For more than 15 years prior, plenty of women and people with vulvas had been getting off with their rabbits and loving it.

But thanks to this iconic show, rabbit vibrators became a little more widely known and accepted. Beyond a mention on a television show, what makes them so popular? Here are just a few reasons people love their rabbit.

Multiple Sensations

Multiple SensationsDepending on the type of rabbit you choose, most have separate motors in the shaft and in the ears — especially in the 21st century. This allows you to control the sensations inside and out. And as most people with a vulva need plenty of stimulation to get off, the rabbit offers something most other sex toys don’t.

You can have light sensations on your clitoris and deep throbs against your g-spot. You can pound away at both on the highest speeds you can handle. Or switch and keep it heavy on your clit and light on your g-spot. Rabbits allow you to customize the sensations you feel so you get exactly what you want, when you want it.

More of Everything

The vast majority of women do not orgasm from penis-in-vagina (PIV) or penetrative sex. It may feel good (or it may not) but only a small percentage of people will get off on it. While orgasms shouldn’t be the only reason to enjoy any kind of sex, they shouldn’t be ignored or considered impossible, either.

A rabbit vibrator offers more of everything. If you like penetration, you can have it. If you love vibrations, you can have that, too. Instead of only getting part of the stimulation you need for ultimate pleasure, you get everything you enjoy and then you can turn up the settings and get even more.

Hit the Right Spots

Hit the Right SpotsEveryone’s body is unique, and we all enjoy different types of stimulation in different areas. While many people with a vulva may enjoy g-spot stimulation, it might not be enough to get them off. Or they may need a faster or harder sensation (like big vibrations) to really feel it. Other women prefer clitoral stimulation. Without that, they’re not going to get off. And still more people need both.

The beauty of a rabbit vibrator is that you can use it to hit every spot you’ve got. Penetrate yourself with the shaft and place the rabbit ears against your clit. Pull it out and press the shaft against your clit. Turn off the ears (depending on your model) and focus on the vibrations during penetration. Whatever your hotspot is, the right vibrator can reach it.

Your Pleasure is in Your Hands

The reason any sex toy becomes beloved by users is because of how good it makes you feel. The rabbit vibrator wasn’t the first vibrator on the market, but it was one of the first to offer multiple types of sensations that people could directly control. Once women and other people with vulvas found out that they could get everything they wanted from a single toy, they became fans.

Instead of wondering why they were “broken” for not getting off on penetrative sex or thinking they were incapable of orgasming, they had a tool designed specifically for their needs. Few people (if anyone) become “addicted” to their rabbit, and it’s not a replacement for a partner. But once you’re able to feel pure orgasmic pleasure for the first time, it’s easy to see why users of the rabbit — or any sex toy — love it so much.


A lot of sex toys are popular today because of how they make people feel and what they help users achieve during masturbation or sex. But the rabbit vibrator has a special place in a lot people’s hearts (and vulvas) because of the revolutionary experience of having a full surround-sound experience with buzzing sensations. Instead of picking and choosing where to feel the vibrations, a rabbit lets you have it all in terms of pleasure and stimulation. At Caliente Adult Superstore, shop our full selection of rabbit vibrators and find the perfect toy for you!

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