Our Favorite Alternate Uses for Sex Toys

Our Favorite Alternate Uses for Sex Toys

So, you have a drawer full of sex toys that get pulled out when you are feeling especially frisky. That’s not surprising. The sex toy industry is more popular now than ever before, and more women are shopping for naughty sexual aides than anyone else.

While sex toys might seem like a single-use item when you buy them, that’s not necessarily the case! Not all sex toys need to stay hidden in a drawer. Sex experts have found all sorts of practical uses for sex toys… apart from their designed functions!

A Sexy Accessory Secret

You can make your next date night just a little friskier by donning a sex toy as an accessory. No, we aren’t talking about public sex toy usage — although that can be hot. Instead, consider using an adjustable cock ring as a bracelet. Only you and your lover will know its true purpose, making for a sexy secret between the two of you while you are out on the town. Metal options can be used as a pendant on a necklace, and you can even use nipple clamps as hair clips. Feel free to hold your ben wa balls and use them as stress balls if needed.

Spice Up Your Home Decor

Spice Up Your Home DecorIf you want to make your bedroom a bit more enticing, consider giving your bondage cuffs new life as a part of your window treatments. Leather and satin cuffs can do double duty as curtain tie-backs. You can use bondage tape to keep pictures on the wall, or to tape letters and important paperwork to bulletin boards. Not only can these items be reused, but they’ll remind you of sexier moments throughout the day. Your bondage tape might just replace your Washi tape.

Multi-purpose Products

Discarded penis pumps are great at unclogging drains in an environmentally friendly fashion. Experts note that the pumping power of a penis pump is just enough to unclog hair and other debris from sinks and tub drains. So before you throw away an old pump, consider how it can help you around your home.

You can use butt plugs as tub and sink stoppers, as well as door stops. They can also be used as a super frisky paperweight. The wide (typically) flat base helps make this possible.

Nipple clamps can be used as knitting needles and as impromptu chip clips, depending on the style you have. The options are truly endless.


Now that you know just how multi-functional sex toys really are, head over to Caliente Adult Superstore and add some more to your collection! Instead of hiding them before family comes to visit, you can put them out as decor. And if anyone recognizes what they really are, you’ll both know something new about each other.


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