How to Organize and Store Your Sex Toys Properly

How to Organize and Store Your Sex Toys Properly

It doesn’t matter if you buy inexpensive sex toys or you drop serious bank on your sexual pleasure. You want your sex toys to be ready to use when you’re ready to get off. The best way to make that happen is to keep your toys organized and stored properly so you know exactly where they are, and they’re always ready when you are.

Clean Your Toys First

Clean Your Toys FirstBefore you put away your sex toys, make sure they’re completely clean. Not only can leftover fluids make your toys crusty and gunky, they also become a breeding ground for bacteria and even mold. Over time, the material can break down, and you’ll lose your toy — and the money you spent on it.

How you clean your toy is determined by the material it’s made of and whether it has a motor or not. Jelly, rubber, and other soft, porous materials can only be washed with water and soap or a sex toy cleaner. Silicone, metal, and glass can be boiled or cleaned in the dishwasher. Don’t submerge any toy with a motor in water or you’ll ruin it.

Let Your Toys Dry Completely

Non-porous toys (silicone, metal, glass) are easiest to dry. Rub them down with a towel or cloth, and they’re dry. Porous toys need to be allowed to air dry completely. This takes at least a few hours. If you put them away wet, you may pull out a slimy mess when you’re ready to get off later.

Keep Cords and Batteries Together

Keep Cords and Batteries TogetherIt’s a good idea to remove batteries from a vibrator or other motorized toy before you put it away. You should definitely take them out before you clean your toys, too. But to make sure you’re never scrambling for a cord or a battery, put them away together. If you’re really organized, you might want to pull out the label maker and label each cord so you know what toy it goes with.

Use Storage That Works for You

Many sex toys are sold with dust bags. If you have one, put your toy in it. This prevents debris and dust from getting on your toy between uses. Nothing slows down a good time like a thin layer of crumbs, pet hair, and dust on a sex toy.

After that, the storage options you use are up to you. Some people use plastic totes while others use boxes, bins, nightstands, and even shoe organizers. What matters most is that you know where your toys are and can get to them whenever you’re ready to play next.

Do not store jelly, rubber, Cyberskin, and other soft, porous materials in the same container together. When the materials rub together or touch, they can break down. Silicone toys can be stored together, regardless of the myth you may have heard. Real silicone won’t break down this way.

Choose Cool, Dry Locations for Storage

Choose Cool, Dry Locations for StorageNo matter how you store your sex toys, once they’re clean and dry, they need to stay that way — especially porous toys. Find a cool, dry, dark place to keep them. In the corner of your closet and under the bed are all common options. Once they’re in whatever bag or box you’re going to use, all you have to do is find the right corner for your entire collection to go. And if you still only have one or two toys, your underwear drawer or a nightstand drawer is a perfect place.


Letting your sex toy collection explode in your bedroom or forgetting to clean your toys one night isn’t the end of the world. But when you’re ready to feel like you’ve got your life together a little, cleaning, organizing, and storing your sex toys is a great place to begin. When you take proper care of your toys, they last longer and you can use them more often…which is, of course, the point.

Know someone who’s sex toy collection has gotten out of hand? Share the infographic below with them so they can get organized!

Infographic for How to Organize and Store Your Sex Toys Properly

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