Exercises for a Better Sex Life

Exercises for a Better Sex Life

No one can refute the health benefits of eating well and exercising. But there’s nothing wrong with using a little vanity as a motivator either. To look better naked and have better sex, try the following workouts next time you’re at home or in the gym.

Core Work

YogaWith a strong core, you won’t be limited to missionary or doggie style sex. More positions will be yours for the choosing. When you strengthen your abs, you can be ready to switch positions at a moment’s notice.

Crunches are great, but planks are better as they work the entire body and minimize the risk of injury to your neck and back. While on your tip toes, hold your body weight up either on your palms or elbows while keeping the head, neck, and spine in alignment. Start with three sets of 15-30 seconds each and increase the duration a little each day.


Not only does yoga improve your mental clarity and physical strength, it’s a great way to increase flexibility. Start with beginner moves such as downward dog and cobra. Listen to your body and if something hurts, stop. Beginner or experienced, if you feel the stretch, you’re doing something right.

You don’t need an expensive studio membership to begin yoga either. You can simply begin with YouTube tutorials or DVDs. Headstands? Wheels? Oh yeah, you’re ready for some creative sex! And you’ll have the strength and flexibility to get as creative as you want.

Pelvic Exercises for Men

Pelvic Exercises for men and womenMost people think of Kegels as an exercise for women. Men can benefit from Kegels by gaining better control of their orgasms and maintaining stronger erections which leads to longer lasting sex.

To perform Kegel exercises, squeeze your pelvic muscles like you would if you were trying to stop the flow of urine, hold for five seconds, and rest for five seconds. Aim for three sets of ten repetitions per day. You can do it anywhere and no one has to know. As with any strengthening exercise, you should begin to notice results in a few weeks.

Pelvic Exercises for Women

Ladies also perform Kegel exercises by holding and releasing their pelvic floor muscles throughout the day. Tip: designate a specific time of day for Kegels so that you don’t forget. For example, on your morning drive or while you’re brushing your teeth—they can be done anywhere!

For even stronger pelvic muscles, try using Ben Wa balls or Kegel weights. They rest comfortably in the vagina to massage and naturally encourage strengthening exercises for the duration of each session. That they turn you on and get you ready for some sexy fun is an added bonus.

Cardio and More

Cardio, pushups, squats—there are plenty of exercises that lead to better sex. Find something you enjoy and commit to 15-30 minutes three times per week before increasing time and intensity. Be sure to check with your doctor before trying anything new.

Even something as simple as walking can improve your health and your stamina. You don’t have to sign up for a marathon or lift the heaviest weights in the gym to see results. Feeling good in your body is a great way to feel good when you use your body, for sex or anything else. Start with small workouts and build up as you get stronger and fitter.


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