9 Body Massagers to Use if You Love Big Vibrations

9 Body Massagers to Use if You Love Big Vibrations

Not all vibrators are created equal, and neither are all vibrations. When you want something big, rumbly, deep, and practically guaranteed to get you off in almost no time, a body massager may be the perfect vibrator for you.

Body massagers are designed for external, clitoral stimulation but can also be used to relax your muscles or to reach other hotspots with the right attachment. If big vibrations are your thing, check out these massagers.

Wand Essentials

Wand EssentialsLike several old school body massagers, the Wand Essentials has to be plugged into an electrical outlet but that’s where it gets its rumbly power. With eight speeds and eight modes to choose from, you can have everything from subtle sensations to massive, screaming pleasure. The choice is yours…and at your fingertips.

Bodywand Original

Another standard among body massagers, the Bodywand Original plugs into the wall but makes this vibrator easier to use. With a single ergonomic finger control, you can use the dial to adjust the power as low or as high as you want. Even better, a flexible neck allows the powerful vibrating head to reach exactly where you need it most.

Smart Wand Sense Touch

Smart Wand Sense TouchIf you’re looking for a luxury vibrator that provides ALL the rumbly power, check out LELO’s Smart Wand Sense Touch. Not only is it a beautiful sex toy, but it’s powerful too. SenseTouch technology mimics the professional technique of a massage therapist. Vibrations build on skin contact, giving you pleasure that you’ve never experienced before. Even better, this body massager is cordless and rechargeable so you have more range of movement.

Evolved Wanderlust

The Evolved Wanderlust isn’t your average body massager. In fact, it’s a double-sided vibrator giving you even more orgasmic options when you play. One end features the large, vibrating head you expect in a wand massager. The other end is a vibrating shaft you can use to penetrate yourself or a partner. Thanks to the different vibrations and speeds, you can choose from 49 unique combinations to find what feels best to you.

iVibe iWand

iVibe iWandAre you looking for a big vibrator that takes your pleasure to new heights? The iVibe iWand offers seven vibration settings and one extra special feature — warming. If you love extra heat against your body, you’re going to love the gentle heating and soothing action of this rechargeable, silicone massager.

Nalone Rock 2

One common (and understandable) complaint with many body massagers is that using different materials change the sensations. Vibrations rattle through plastic, making them less deep and rumbly. With the Nalone Rock 2, the vibrations are powerful and even throughout this fully silicone vibrator. Choose from seven settings, apply the massager to your vulva, and enjoy the orgasm wave.

Shibari Mini Halo

Shibari Mini HaloMost body massagers are physically massive. That’s one reason they can offer such big sensations and stimulation. The Shibari Mini Halo takes the big, powerful vibrations and repackages them in something smaller and easier to handle. You get 20 vibration patterns, eight speeds, and a flexible neck in an easy-to-hold, easy-to-use mini wand massager.

Bthrilled Classic Wand Massager

If you love the vibrations of a wand massager but hate dealing with cords, outlets, or recharging, the Bthrilled Classic Wand Massager might be perfect for you. You get five massage functions, a single-click button for easy use, and the vibrations you crave, and it’s battery-operated. Use it whenever, wherever, as long as the batteries work — and enjoy everything you love about body massagers with less hassle.

Magic Wand Original

Magic Wand OriginalMeet the OG of body massagers, the Magic Wand Original has been around in some form since the 1970s. That’s right, your grandma and mom may have used earlier versions to get off. This vibrator revolutionized orgasms and pleasure for a generation of women, and it’s still going strong after all this time. You get two modes — high and OMG high — and it plugs into the wall. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Get retro with your vibrator and your pleasure with what is (now) affectionately known as the “Hitachi.”


Body massagers aren’t for everyone. Some people really don’t enjoy overwhelming sensations and massive vibrations. But if it’s your thing, the right vibrator makes all the difference in how you get off and how good you feel when you do. If you love big vibrations, try a wand massager and find out just how big your orgasms can be.

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