10 G-Spot Vibrators You’re Going to Love

10 G-Spot Vibrators You’re Going to Love

Do you love a good G-spot orgasm? Always on the lookout for an amazing vibrator that can hit it just right with plenty of power?

Check out these 10 G-spot sex toys made with power, pleasure, and your G-spot in mind.

We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe SyncDesigned for couples and for G-spots, the We-Sync Vibe is one of the most popular couples sex toys on the market. The flexible arms are designed to fit against your clit and your G-spot with ease. The powerful vibrations give you all the pleasure you can handle, and it stays right where you put it even when you change positions.

Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine

Looking for a brightly colored vibrator that hits your G-spot just right? Satisfyer’s Yummy Sunshine is sure to catch your eye. This long, flexible vibrator can go deep and is designed for much more than just your G-spot. Use it with a partner for prostate play, or give your clit extra pleasure by using it externally. With 12 vibration modes, you’re sure to find a setting you love.

Slimline G Vibrator

Slimline G VibratorConsider the Slimline G one of the OG’s of G-spot stimulation. Don’t let the simple design fool you. It’s big bulbous tip will light up your hotspot and have you screaming with pleasure. It’s long enough to go deep and give you the orgasms you’re craving.

Satisfyer Master XXL

If you can’t decide what you want most — a big, thick D or some G-spot love — it can be hard to decide which vibrator to use. The Satisfyer Master XXL makes the choice easy. You get a long, firm, thick shaft to penetrate yourself with with the curved tip that will tap at your hotspot in all the ways you like best. With 12 settings to choose from, you can play in new and exciting ways whenever you turn it on.

Gigi 2

Gigi 2LELO is one of the top sex toy brands in the world. One night with the Gigi 2 and you’ll understand why. Is it the gentle sloping curve of the shaft? The bulbous tip for your G-spot? The soft, sleek silicone that feels amazing against your skin? Or could it be the power of the vibrations? To us, it’s all of the above! This might be the vibrator you fall in love with.

Coco De Mer Georgiana

If you want a vibrator that could double as a work of art, look no further than the Coco De Mer Georgiana. This may be unlike any G-spot vibrator you’ve ever tried. The gentle curve is designed to fit your body more comfortably, while the pointed tip hits your G-spot exactly where you need it most. Enjoy five different vibration settings and multiple intensity levels for each setting. This toy is so beautiful you might want to set it on a shelf for everyone to see.

iVibe Select iRipple

iVibe Select iRippleYour body won’t be the only thing rippling with pleasure when you use the iVibe Select iRipple. With three separate motors and seven vibrating patterns, the vibrations can literally travel up and down the shaft of this beautiful, elegant silicone vibrator. You’ll feel the stimulation and pleasure in more than just your G-spot.

Aria Magnify

Want your orgasm magnified without increasing the noise? The Aria Magnify is a powerful yet discreet G-spot vibrator. The tilt and curve are designed with your body in mind, and the tip will caress, stroke, and tap your hotspot until you can’t handle another moment. Of course, with seven functions to choose from, you’ll be back for more before you know it.

Fifty Shades of Grey Insatiable Desire Mini

Fifty Shades of Grey Insatiable Desire MiniWhen you’re looking for the power and pleasure of a full-size vibrator but need something more discreet, try the Insatiable Desire Mini in the Fifty Shades of Grey line. The tip is bent to focus the stimulation right on your G-spot. With three speeds and seven patterns, you can create your own Anastasia and Christian fantasy — alone or with a partner.

Mona 2

What makes the Mona 2 from LELO better than the original? The vibrations have been increased by 100 percent, and it’s now fully waterproof. Play with your vibrator and your G-spot anywhere you want — on dry land or in the tub. You get up to four hours of near-silent vibrations with just a two-hour charge time. The loudest part about the experience will probably be you!


No two G-spots are the same, and neither are vibrators. When you’re looking for a new sex toy, look for the features that will work best with the type of pleasure you want most. Each of the G-spot vibrators in the list above offers something a little different, but somewhere in here could be your new orgasmic obsession.

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