What is Erotic Electrostimulation?

What is Erotic Electrostimulation?

Looking for a different way to get kinky? Want to make sex feel even better than ever? Erotic electrostimulation is a fun way to play for a lot of people, no matter what your favorite flavor of sex might be.

So what is it and how do you do it? Here’s what you need to know.

Understanding Erotic Electrostimulation

Erotic electrostimulation creates sexual pleasure with electrical stimulation sent to different nerves in your body. Most often this is near, on, or within the genitals, but it’s not a requirement. Any erogenous zone on your body can feel amazing with a little added electricity. This kind of electrosex requires a power source, often a TENS unit or a violet wand.

Also known as electroplay, this kind of sexy fun is most associated with BDSM in that it involves sensation play (sometimes pain, but not always) and a great deal of power and control. Of course, you don’t have to be kinky to enjoy electrostimulation. Because it’s a form of sensation play, the sensations run on a spectrum from gentle tingles to painful torture (consensually, of course).

What You Need for Electroplay

What You Need for ElectroplayThere are several components to erotic electrostimulation in order to create the sensations you want to feel.

TENS unit: Most often associated with muscle pain, physical therapy, and rehabilitation, TENS units have been “perverted” by the kinky among us because of how good they feel on other parts of the body. The electrodes (sticky pads connected to the unit) are placed on different areas of your body. Once the TENS unit powers up, electrical currents pulse into the electrodes. A dial allows you to control the amount of stimulation you feel.

Violet wands: Another tool turned kinky sex toy, violet wands were originally used as electric or neon testers. These days, most see use as a sexy way to enjoy electroplay. The wand applies low current, high voltage, and high frequency electrical stimulation to the body. Touch your partner in their erogenous zones and watch their desire light up.

Sex toys: Electrosex toy companies have found a more intimate and sexier way to bring erotic electrostimulation into the bedroom. Hook your TENS unit to a compatible sex toy, and you (or a partner) will feel pleasant jolts in all new ways. Vibrators, cock rings, and prostate massagers are just some of the ways you can play with electrosex.

Your partner: By connecting the electrodes to you and your partner, when you touch, you can complete the electrical circuit for a delightful sensation. You need the power source (as it’s required for all electrostimulation) but beyond that, the two of you are enough.

Always Use Lube or Electroconductive Gel

Whenever you play with electricity, always use a water-based lubricant or electroconductive gel. Electrostimulation feels amazing. Direct electricity zapping your skin without a protective barrier does not. Without lube, you run a very real risk of burning yourself or a partner. Don’t use silicone based lubricant as this can reduce the conductivity and cause burns, too.

Electrode pads do not usually need additional lubricant. Sex toys, paddles, wands, and other erotic electrostimulation gear does. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before you play.

Is Electrosex Safe?

Is Electrosex Safe?We’ve all seen the warnings about electrical outlets, live wires, even lightning. It’s normal to be wary of electricity and what it can do. Electrostimulation is safe, when using the proper tools, because a current is completed, sending a jolt to the muscle, skin, nerves, and more. It’s a focused power and a low level of power that is safe for the body.

TENS units and other electric stimulation have been used to relieve tension and pain and repair muscles for years. All electrosex does is move the location of the electrodes to erogenous zones for a different kind of sensation. The safe level of power remains within the unit or power source you use.

Because of the ability to control the amount of electricity running to the electrodes, the sensation you feel can be a gentle, subtle tap. Or, if you’re kinky and love to push boundaries or play with pain, turn it up and let the current zap you in a painful way. But as long as you use any electrosex equipment as directed, you can play safely.


Is erotic electrostimulation something you want to try? Does it make you a little nervous? Always do your research before trying something new, especially when it carries a bit of risk like electroplay can. Kink up your fun as much as you want or ignore the kinky side and simply enjoy the sensations. Electroplay lets you explore in whatever way you enjoy most.

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