Sensuelle Point Rechargeable 20 Function Bullet: Meet Your New Best Friend

Sensuelle Point Rechargeable 20 Function Bullet: Meet Your New Best Friend

Sensuelle Point Rechargeable 20 Function Bullet

Let’s be real here – everyone needs a compact vibrator. It might be the most universal sex toy on the market. Compact means portable, and portability means your new best friend can hit the road with you when it’s time for sleepovers, conferences, and vacations. Plus, small size and a broad range of applications mean that bullet vibes are great for partner play, whether you’re a seasoned sex toy vet or a shy newcomer to the wonderful world of vibrators.

Vibrator shopping comes down to a few main points, so here’s exactly what you need to know about the Sensuelle Point Rechargeable 20 Function Bullet:


Most bullet vibes are small. Like, really small. That’s because bigger isn’t better in the world of buzzy little buddies. Full-sized vibes are cumbersome for travel, and hard to hide from that pet sitter (she totally goes through your stuff). The Sensuelle isn’t all that tiny – check out some other options if you need a 5/8” standard bullet to fit in the base of another toy. But at 3/4”, the Sensuelle is still plenty petite enough to be discrete.


The Sensuelle is smooth, latex-free, and non-porous for easy cleanup. It’s completely seamless, with no logos, and its ABS plastic surface means it is firm to the touch. This bullet vibrator comes in pink, purple, silver and black finishes, and each has a high-end appearance – none of the cheap thin plastic exteriors of ye olde vibrators.


Power preferences vary quite a bit. Some folks prefer a vibration akin to the gentle fluttering of butterfly wings, and some enjoy the rumbling of say, an asphalt-destroying jackhammer. The Sensuelle has 20 settings, and if you fall into the jackhammer category you’re going to be pleased. This is a tiny vibe that packs a serious punch.


The Sensuelle is a USB-charged bullet that includes a wall adapter, so you’re free to ditch your old AAA-powered model that uses more batteries than a Gameboy on a Super Mario Bros-fueled road trip. Set it in the base and give it a full charge before its first use, then power up as needed.

Caliente Adult Superstore

If you’re in the market for a solid bullet, the Sensuelle Point Rechargeable 20-Function Bullet might just be your perfect toy. It’s compact, powerful, and attractive, and it’s going to be your new best friend.

At Caliente Adult Superstore, we’re proud to carry the Sensuelle Point Rechargeable 20-Function Bullet and we invite you to give it a try and check out our complete line of bullet vibrators and all our other great products.


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