Seriously Scented Oils for Intense Seduction

Seriously Scented Oils for Intense Seduction

Did you know that Cleopatra, the queen of love, used rose petals while bathing to help her seduce Mark Antony? Did you know that the Greek goddess of sensuality and love, Aphrodite, decorated her love den using rose petals?

Using flowers and fragrance to seduce a potential lover isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s an incredibly powerful way to let your desires be known.

History of Seductive Oils

History of Seductive OilsSpice up the power of your sexual desire with fragrant oils designed for seduction and romance. In ancient times, people used to bathe with sweet, scented oils to prepare themselves for lovemaking sessions, and it served its purpose well. The popularity of seductive oils is traced to the time of Cleopatra, who scented her royal barge’s sails using rose water as a way of seducing Mark Antony, whom she was going to meet.  The perfume industry today is a billion-dollar business because of the widespread and perceived notion that scented oils make lovers attracted to each other.

Fragrant Oils

Essential fragrant oils are considered aphrodisiacs and can assist in dissipating the psychological, emotional and physical ailments that can interfere with your sexual desires.  The Kama Sutra,  the bible of sexuality, mentions the use of fragrant oils to awaken sensuous feelings and desires. The scent of the oils stimulates the pituitary glands which controls our hormones and drives our sexual desires.

Sensuously scented oils enhance seduction in the following ways:

  • Induces a powerful erogenous effect on seductive senses
  • Boosts your confidence and raises your sexual awareness
  • Increases and energizes attraction between partners
  • Elevates your degree of physical intimacy

Sensual Massage

Sensual MassageHow can you use these essential and seductive oils? The most straightforward method is through sensual massage. You don’t have to be an expert massage therapist to make your partner feel amazing. Warmed oil, your hands, and a gentle touch can turn your partner into a melted pool of bliss.

The oils smell and feel good and help your fingers glide over every inch of their body. This isn’t your typical back rub. Kneading breasts, bottoms, and genitals is all part of a sensual massage, as long as your partner wants that. Stroke, soothe, and touch your partner’s entire body, and let the scented oils put your partner in a sexy, sensual mood. Between your hands and the fragrant oils, they might be down for anything once you’re done.


At Caliente Adult Superstore, we know fragrant oils can enhance your mood, intensify your sexual moments and increase your sexual desires.  To maximize your sensual and sexual experiences, order some fragrant oils today and your love life will never be the same.

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