Naughty Fun with Latex, PVC and Leather

Naughty Fun with Latex, PVC and Leather

Every long-term couple comes to a point in their journey of sexuality and excitement when the scenery begins to look familiar and repetitive. That’s when it’s time to veer off the beaten path and explore the unknown where you’ll find hidden treasures, secret byways and exciting, new vistas of pleasure hitherto unknown!

As a couple, you need to keep things fresh and fascinating in the bedroom. Experience new pleasures while exploring your kinky desires! Bring new sex toys and playthings, sexy enhancements, role-plays and restraints to your bedroom (or any other room)!  Here are a few spine-tingling ideas to explore kinky desires you’ve only fantasized about in the past.

Liquid Latex

Liquid LatexWhy not seamlessly blend the line between art and love? Liquid latex can be painted directly onto both skin and clothing and will facilitate your lover’s appreciation of your most intimate body parts. You can apply liquid latex in whichever way most fittingly highlights their favorite erogenous zones! Once applied, this non-toxic, paint-on fetishwear will last through hours of intense sexual play!

The latex will enhance all of your assets by hugging your curves and adding a gorgeous sheen to your body. Whether you want to take control in the bedroom, or you simply love the feeling of latex against your skin, liquid latex gives you what you need. This is an intimate, sexy, and kinky way to play.

Leather Cuffs

Leather CuffsIs your naughty behavior in need of an appropriate punishment? Maybe it’s high time your lover restrained you while they carry out a few disciplinary measures! Adjustable, comfortable leather bondage cuffs are the perfect submissive fetish wear for all of us.

Before you restrain your partner (or tell them you want to be restrained), talk about it first. Are you playing with power? Do you want to try some kinky acts like spanking, bondage, or other fun? Once you put on the cuffs, let your partner know if they pinch or squeeze too much. Yes, being restrained is kinky and fun, but losing feeling in your fingers is a definite turn-off (and a safety hazard!).

PVC Corset

PVC CorsetSometimes, the things we most desire are those which we can’t see. A polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, corset will artistically frame your darling figure and drive your partner’s desire through the roof. Show off your exquisite curves with a hint of Victorian class and just the right amount of provocative playfulness!

Corsets can and are worn by those who want to take control from their partner and those who want to give it up. Some can also be worn as daywear under a jacket. Whether it’s a fashion statement or a new way to explore BDSM in your relationship, a corset can be a great addition. Have fun with it and let yourself go a little wild.


At Caliente Adult Superstore, we know couples need to constantly refresh their intimacy and togetherness with the spirit of playful inventiveness. Make sure both of you are working to keep your bedroom experiences innovative, provocative and downright sassy!  Paint each other’s bodies in lavish, extravagant latex works of seductive art. Strap each other, with leather cuffs, to the bed and surrender to each other in trust. Dress yourself in gorgeous fetish wear to heighten the level of arousal in your partner. Above all, keep your sex life new and exciting – visit us today to see these exciting products and many more!


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