Missing Oral? Five Sex Toys for Women that Feel like a Tongue

Missing Oral? Five Sex Toys for Women that Feel like a Tongue

You’ve used your hands, a dildo, maybe even your usual vibrator, and nothing satisfies. You’re missing something, and you’re not sure what. Ask yourself this question: Has it been a while since someone went down on you? If the answer is yes, and you’re just now realizing how long it’s been, you’ve got options. Try one of these five oral sex toys that can give you the orgasm you’ve been craving.

Gyration Sensations

The Gyration Sensations acts like a tongue and looks like a tongue, but does it really feel like a tongue? Indeed. This toy features two powerful speeds that originate from a 3-inch-by-1.5-inch pink tongue that will make you wonder if you’ll ever need the real thing again. Use the flat side for broad stimulation, the tip for direct clitoral pressure, or the whole thing for intense internal G-spot action.

Sqweel 2

Does the Sqweel 2 look a little crazy? Yes, but don’t discredit this pinwheel-esque device. It’s got 10 mini tongues that spin to deliver a sensation that best can be described as a cross between a tickle and a hard flick. Since it moves very quickly, you really can’t overdo it on the lube. Tip: Point the tongue up or down and alternate speed and intensity until you find the sweet spot.

Aria Hot Tongue

For an upgrade in oral sex toys, try the Aria Hot Tongue. With 10 different vibrations, you’re bound to find a style that most represents the oral you’ve been missing. The bullet vibrator is removable, so if you want to switch things up, just take it out and use it without the tongue! The best part about this mini tongue is that it’s made from silicone and super soft—just what the clit needs.

Tongue Twister

The versatility of the Tongue Twister allows you to climax alone or with a partner. Partner has a cold? Have them head south with a multi-functional vibrator that looks and feels just like their tongue. When you’re begging for more, your partner can insert the tip without losing contact with your clitoris as the “nose” vibrations continue to stimulate and tease.

Vibrating Turbo Suction

Miss the perfect suction of his lips? Now you can replicate them with the three-piece Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue Simulator. Multiple orgasms are well within reach after a quick squeeze of the pump that activates the sucking motion. Adjust the vibrations to your liking and let yourself go.


Sex toys enhance pleasure and provide stimulation you can’t always get on your own. When there’s no willing partner to give you the tongue action you’re craving, the right oral sex toy may be exactly what you need. If you’re simply looking for a new way to get yourself off or something to break up the monotony of your typical orgasms, they’re a good option, too. Shop with us at Caliente Adult Superstore and find exactly what you need, want, and crave in your sexual pleasure!

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