Is Squirting Real and How Do You Do It?

Is Squirting Real and How Do You Do It?

Squirting orgasms, popular in porn, are controversial for some people. Not everyone believes they’re real. Some people who can squirt worry they might be peeing instead of getting off. So what’s the deal with the squirting? And can the right vibrator help you squirt?

If you’ve got questions about squirting, we’ve got answers. Here’s what you need to know.

Yes, Squirting is Real

Yes, Squirting is RealScience can’t seem to agree whether squirting is real. Studies that have been done are either really small or or raise more questions than they answer. But ask someone who squirts, and they’ll tell you it’s very real. What makes many squirters nervous the first few times is that the sensation is very similar to needing to urinate. But look at, smell, and taste (yes, people do that) the liquid that comes out of your body, and you’ll know it’s something, but it’s definitely not urine.

Female ejaculation is sometimes called squirting, but they’re not necessarily the same thing. Squirting is usually a loose, gushy, and clear fluid for many women and others with a vulva, but ejaculation is most often thick and creamy. The sensations are often much different, too.

Not Everyone Can Squirt

Not Everyone Can SquirtA lot of women put pressure on themselves to squirt or (worse) their partners pressure them to squirt, wanting it to be like they see in porn. Not everyone squirts, although some people believe everyone with a vulva is capable of it. Squirting shouldn’t be seen as some goal to attain or a prize to win. If it happens, great. But if it doesn’t, that’s okay, too. What’s supposed to be the most important is the pleasure you feel during masturbation or sex.

Not Everyone Likes to Squirt

Some people who can have squirting orgasms don’t like them. That’s right, even if your partner gushes like a geyser, she might not enjoy doing it. That’s okay, too! We’re all different and unique, and we don’t have to enjoy the same things. There are a lot of reasons people don’t enjoy it — the sensation, the mess, not knowing exactly what it is. If your partner can squirt but doesn’t want to, don’t pressure them into doing it for you.

How to Squirt

How to SquirtIf you’re not sure you can squirt when you orgasm, but you’d like to try, there are some methods to experiment with. Remember, everyone is a little different so you’ll have to play around a bit (pun absolutely intended) to find what works for you.

G-spot stimulation: The most common way to have a squirting orgasm is through g-spot stimulation. Typically, you’ll need overwhelming sensations, if squirting doesn’t happen easily for you. You can try rough fingering, penetrative sex in the best position to hit your g-spot, or a high-powered vibrator that hits your g-spot just right.

Clitoral stimulation: Not everyone gets off on g-spot sensations. For those who enjoy clitoral orgasms, you can still be a squirter. Like g-spots, you may need extra stimulation. Body massagers like the Original Magic Wand are infamous for helping people squirt through their orgasm but any vibrator that gets you off in a big way can do it.

Tips and Tricks for Squirting

Squirting is no guarantee for anyone, but once you find the stimulation that works for your body, here are some other things to remember:

  • Make sure you’re relaxed. If you feel stressed about anything, including whether you’ll squirt or not, it probably won’t happen.
  • Drink plenty of water. The better hydrated you are, the better chance you have. If you do squirt, drink plenty of water when you’re done so you can rehydrate.
  • Give yourself plenty of time, especially if it takes a while for your orgasms to build. Some people won’t squirt on the first orgasm, but if they can manage a second or even third, they can.
  • If you feel the sensation need to pee while masturbating, it may be a squirting orgasm waiting to be release. Try to relax and just let go.

Squirting Won’t Happen Every Time

Squirting Won’t Happen Every TimeEven for gushy squirters who know exactly what spot to hit, there’s one truth to remember: you won’t always squirt every time you try. Stress, hormone fluctuations, being tired, and any number of factors can keep you from squirting. If you normally squirt and can’t, give yourself time. If you’re trying it for the first time, don’t assume it was a failure. As long as it doesn’t stress you out, feel free to try again — but only if you want to.


Squirting orgasms aren’t a requirement for pleasure or satisfaction. What really matters is that you feel the sexual pleasure you want. If you can squirt or want to try, the right vibrator may make it easier or help you squirt more often. Experiment with your orgasms to find out what your body can do, but focus on the pleasure, not on the specific type of orgasm you have.

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Infographic on Squirting Orgasms

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