How to Make Your Next Date Night Sexier Than Ever

How to Make Your Next Date Night Sexier Than Ever

Looking for a way to spice things up in your relationship? Make special plans for your next date night and include a trip to your favorite local adult store on the agenda! You’ll have more fun and get turned on all night long.

Dress for a Sexy Night

Dress for a Sexy NightEver heard of “dress for success?” This is the same principle but “success” is the sex you want to have with your spouse/partner. Don’t just wear what your partner thinks is sexy — wear what makes you feel sexy! Think about the night ahead, too. Want your partner to have easy access to your most sensitive spots? Skip underwear or wear something crotchless. Want to be irresistible the entire night? Consider cologne, perfume, or lotion that will make you smell mouth-watering or wear something tight or low-cut that will keep their eyes on you the entire night.

Go to a Sex Toy Shop

Before dinner, after dinner, it doesn’t matter. Sex toy stores are notoriously open very late, so go as late as you’d like. But make sure this is part of your evening fun. You can browse the sex toys you’re familiar with or explore sections you haven’t tried yet. Got a BDSM fantasy? This might be the time to check out blindfolds or paddles. Want to try pegging? Maybe this is the night you look at strap-on harnesses and dildos.

Talk About Your Fantasies

Talk About Your FantasiesThe nice thing about shopping at an adult store is that it’s a safe space to discuss all things sexual. Since you look hot AF, and you’re already thinking about sex (especially if you’re roaming the aisles of your favorite types of products), this could be a great time to share a sexual fantasy or two. Let your partner know you’d love to try a butt plug. Ask if they’d like to see you in some lingerie or fishnet thigh highs. Use the time to open up about what you’d like to experience together, and you may find everything you need in the store.

Buy a New Sex Toy

Want to end date night on a high note? Buy a new sex toy together. You’ve wandered the aisles and shared your sexual fantasies. Maybe the next logical step is to try out a new sex toy together. Focus on the one that you’re both excited about. Ask the staff how it works or if they’ll take it out of the package so you can feel it in your hand. If you’re not sure exactly what to do with it, staff may be able to explain that as well. And, most importantly, don’t forget lube if it’s a dildo, vibrator, anal toy, or masturbator or batteries if required! There’s nothing worse than buying a new sex toy but not being able to really enjoy it once you get it home because you don’t have what you need.

Go Home and Get Naked

Go Home and Get NakedNot that you need any encouragement for this, but once you’ve picked out and paid for your new sex toy (and lube!), it’s time to go home and get naked. The foreplay can begin on the way home with teasing touches and some dirty talk. Simply talking about what you’d like to do with your new toy might be all you need to get really aroused. Once you walk in the door, start stripping down, slowly, to tease each other. Let yourself get carried away with the excitement of the moment. If you have sex and play with your toy in the living room, that’s okay (assuming no one else is there, of course). But use your night out together and your time in the adult store to ignite your sexual pleasure and just go with what feels good to you both.


Any date night can be a little sexier as long as you’re both into it. A trip to an adult shop helps set the mood, especially when you’re surrounded by nothing but products designed for pleasure. Stick with the familiar and comfortable or venture into new, kinkier territory. The choice is yours, and so is the pleasure. Live in Miami? Love to visit South Florida? Either way, stop by Caliente Adult Superstore, and we’ll help make your next date night extra sexy!

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