How to Feel Confident Walking into a Sex Toy Store

How to Feel Confident Walking into a Sex Toy Store

Are you in need of a new sex toy for yourself or fun with your partner? Maybe your adult video collection needs something new and exciting? Whatever the case, a visit to a sex toy store may be in your near future. If you’re a little hesitant because you don’t know what to expect or worry it might be a little gross, you’re not alone. Maybe you’re embarrassed to visit a store, worried about who will see you there. Your feelings are normal for most first-timers, but you don’t have to be worried, embarrassed, or uncertain. We’ve got tips to help you feel more confident shopping for your sex toys.

Know You Are Not Alone

Depending on when you go, there will likely be other customers at the shop. If you’re worried they’re judging you or wondering what you’re doing there, stop. You’re all in the store for the same reason, and most people are worried about the same thing. They’re thinking about their sex toy purchase or if anyone else is looking at them. Frankly, you probably have more in common with them than either of you realize. There’s also a very good chance you’ll never see them again.

The Sales Associates Have Seen and Heard It All

The Sales Associates Have Seen and Heard It AllDo you feel bashful about handing over a floppy dildo or vibrating panties to a sales associate? Maybe you feel awkward asking where to find those items in the first place? Don’t worry about it! It’s not like you’re at your neighborhood grocery store and that dildo is on the check-out counter next to eggs and milk. Sales associates work in a sex toy store and have seen it all before! They regularly stock, sell and help customers just like you find what they are looking for. They’re simply there to do their job and helping customers is a major part of that. There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.

Be Who You Are

By day, you may be timid and mild mannered. You work all day and run all the necessary errands of the day. Come night time, you might be a different person altogether! You could be a total freak in the bedroom which is why you’re at a sex toy store in the first place. Carrying that same attitude and confidence level into the store can ease any apprehension you may have. After all, sex is not taboo in the bedroom, so why would it be in a sex toy shop? This is one time when faking it until you make it can be good advice.

Bring Someone With You

Bring Someone With YouIf it makes you feel more comfortable, bring your partner, significant other, or open-minded best friend into the store with you. You won’t be alone, and you’ll have someone to talk to. Walking in with someone else can help it feel like you’re running an errand and less like you’re doing something strange or “bad.” Which, by the way, shopping at a sex toy shop isn’t a bad thing at all — it’s a completely normal thing to do. But until you get used to it or experience how not-scary it is, having a friend can give you a bit of added confidence.

At Caliente Adult Superstore, our knowledgeable and respectful staff is ready to help all our customers find what exactly what they’re looking for. From first-time visitors to regular clients, we take great pride in improving the sex lives of everyone who comes through our doors… or visits our shop online.

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