Not Getting Off During Penetration? Try These Five Ways to Orgasm

Not Getting Off During Penetration? Try These Five Ways to Orgasm

Let’s observe a moment of silence for all the times you haven’t gotten off during sex. Whether you really like your partner or it was a hookup that didn’t live up to your hopes, not getting the pleasure you really want is disappointing — to say the least.

Even if your partner is great in bed, penetration doesn’t always get the job done and that’s okay. In fact, it’s extremely common for many women not to get off through penetrative sex. Instead of thinking there’s something wrong with you (there isn’t!), it’s time to focus on pleasure you can feel without penetration.

From using powerful vibrators to trying new masturbation techniques, you’ve got plenty of options!

Try a clit enhancement pump

You’ve heard of penis pumps right? You’ve probably made a joke about them before, but hear us out. The clitoris is a little like a  penis and for some people, it feels really good when it’s sucked. It’s essentially one tiny yet jam-packed ball of nerve endings…thousands of them. Enter The Original Clitoris Enhancement Pump. It’s not going to permanently alter your clit (so there’s nothing to fear), but the vacuum system will cause it to swell and grow in size and sensitivity. Couple it with a vibrator and you won’t be waiting long for that orgasm.

Give yourself a massage

Give yourself a massageWe’re not talking about using your boyfriend’s athletic massager although it might work in a pinch. What we mean is a body massager designed for one specific part of your body. Whether it’s a small vibrating clit massager that fits in the palm of your hand or the infamous Magic Wand, it’s going to give you an orgasm so good it will feel like cheating. They vary in size, intensity levels, and price but you really can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. Use it on your back and neck, too. They’re fully functional – just don’t blame us if you find yourself relieving only one body part!

Go hands free

On the list of hands-free sex toys, the Womanizer and Sqweel continually make the top favorite lists. What’s a hands free orgasm, you ask? It’s not better than oral sex, but it’s pretty darn close to the real deal. The device will mimic licking, flicking and sucking sensations with various speeds and intensities. Just lie back, relax, and let the orgasm come to you.

Don’t neglect the nipples

Don’t neglect the nipplesDid you know that arousal triggers the same part of the brain whether you’re stimulating your nipples, vagina, or clit? Maybe you remember the scene from 40 Days and 40 Nights in which Josh Hartnett’s character gives his love interest an orgasm by running a flower across her nipples and body. Invite your partner to give it a try. Have them start by pinching and squeezing your nipples between two fingers. Let your partner tease you while alternating between sucking and licking in a circular motion. If you can tolerate it, increase the intensity until you orgasm.

Keep it old school

The toy-free, hands-on approach to masturbation doesn’t have to feel boring. Try stimulating your clit with a new technique. With your thumb and forefingers, gently fold the skin directly around the clitoris to envelope it without making direct contact. Give it a squeeze while you manually stimulate yourself using side to side motions or by going up and down. Adjust pressure as needed. You’re welcome!


Whether you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or FWB, sometimes flying solo is just as satisfying and, as some would argue, necessary. If sex toys have taught us anything at Caliente, it’s that penetration isn’t a requirement for getting off. Now that you know, it’s time to shop with us for your new favorite toy!

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