Are Expensive Vibrators Worth the Cost?

Are Expensive Vibrators Worth the Cost?

Great sex toys come in all price ranges. If a sex toy feels good and gives you the pleasure you want, it doesn’t matter if it was a clearance reject or the most expensive toy you can afford. But that doesn’t mean some toys won’t give you sticker shock. If you ever wonder if a vibrator you love is worth the expense, consider these factors.

Safe Materials

woman holding vibratorCheaper vibrators are often cheaply made including the material used. While jelly and rubber are popular materials for many sex toys, they can’t be sanitized and if not cleaned properly, may grow bacteria and mold over time. That’s definitely not something you want near your genitals. Cheap imitation sex toys (often made overseas) may be made with harmful chemicals that aren’t phthalate-free. These chemicals leach out of the product and into the body, potentially causing cancer.

Bargain-bin vibrators need to be used with extreme caution. A more expensive option will often be made of body-safe silicone with can be sterilized and is safer to use.

Powerful Motor

A cheap vibrator often has a cheap motor. It rattles around in the toy and dies after a few minutes. Maybe it lasts forever but doesn’t have enough power to get you off. Paying a little more for something with multiple settings, a longer battery life, and a powerful vibrator is often worth every penny. A weak vibe that doesn’t turn you on, get you wet, or help you orgasm is no good to you. 

No matter how much you spend on a vibrator, look for one that gives you options — from multiple speeds to multiple patterns. The better the technology, the more you’ll pay but it will be money well spent.

Unique Designs

Unique DesignsMost inexpensive vibrators offer basic shapes and models. They’re mass-produced and all look alike. That’s fine if it does the job and gets you off the way you want. But sometimes your body needs something less standardized.

High-end vibrators often have unique designs and shapes. Some don’t look like a vibrator at all, fitting against your vulva in a unique way. Others are based off old-fashioned designs (like the rabbit vibrator) but they’re re-imagined with a sleek, sensual look. When a sex toy company puts time and energy into design, it’s not going to be a cheap toy, but it may be an amazing one.

High Quality Materials

Luxury vibrators tend to use luxury materials — like silky, soft silicone. If it feels good in your hand, it should feel even better against your vulva. The rubber, jelly, and hard plastic vibrators that are less expensive don’t have this luxurious feeling. By paying a little more for your sex toy, you get something that you want to rub up against and use for a long time.

Less expensive vibrators can feel good against your skin, too. At the same time, some luxury vibrators might not be as soft as you’d like. When you can, go to a store to get a closer look at a toy (including touching it) before buying it so you get what feels good to you — regardless of the price.

Extra Features

Extra FeaturesSex tech is technology designed to enhance sexual pleasure and experiences. And it’s very popular among sex toy manufacturers who make vibrators: We-Vibe, Lovense, and Kiiroo just to name a few. Advancements in sex toy technology allow you to control your vibrator from an app on your phone or to connect to another user anywhere on the planet. These extra features don’t come cheap.

If you want sex tech functionality in your vibrator, you’ll pay more than for a standard, basic vibrator. Most sex toys that feature better tech also use better materials and have better design, so you’re paying for multiple features in a single toy.


Cost should not be a barrier to sexual pleasure, but the amount of money you pay for a toy can determine its quality, especially in a vibrator, though maybe not $1.3 million worth. Look for the features that matter to you first and then consider cost. With sales, coupon codes, and multiple manufacturers making similar products, even expensive vibrators are becoming more competitive and easier to purchase. Time it right, and you’ll find a sale and enjoy all the pleasure at a much lower cost! 

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