A Man’s Guide to Buying a Sex Toy

A Man’s Guide to Buying a Sex Toy

While many guys have achieved a certain level of comfort with their bodies and their sexual pleasure, there can be a lot of hesitation when it comes to buying sex toys. Bringing up this conversation with a partner can be awkward, mostly because of the uncertainty of their reaction, but having this topic brought up to you can also be uncomfortable. The truth is that if both partners can relax and listen to each other talk about your needs and desires, sex gets better for everyone.

At Caliente Adult Superstore, we believe sex toys can take anyone’s sexual pleasure to a whole new level. If you’re a guy and you’re finally ready to try out sex toys with your partner, here are a few things you need to know.

You’re not being replaced

You’re not being replacedThe biggest hurdle for a lot of men is the idea that they can’t please their partner the way a sex toy can, which can make them feel emasculated. But your partner most likely can’t get off through penetration alone — most women can’t. Many women need clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm, while others need direct g-spot stimulation. 

Sex toys do more than reach the spot that you can’t. They offer a different kind of sensation and add to the fun you have with your partner. Think of sex toys as a tool to enhance pleasure, not something that replaces you.

Talk about sex toys first

Talk about sex toys firstThis may not be a conversation for dinner or when things are starting to heat up. While the element of surprise can add some spontaneity, bringing in a sex toy that isn’t well-received can leave both of you embarrassed and turned off. Instead, find a time where you are both relaxed and open to hearing ideas. Let your partner tell you what kind of toys they’re interested in – and then you do the same.

Think of this as another kind of warm-up to the sexy fun you’re going to have later. Shop online together and talk about what you both want to feel. This is a time to open up to your partner and admit things you may never have told anyone else. Not only does this get your closer to finding the sex toy you want to use, but it brings you closer together, too.

Research, research, research

Instead of going into an adult store without knowing what to expect, try searching adult stores online first. Read some product reviews to get an idea of what you both might enjoy. Don’t purchase a new toy without knowing something about what you want and how the product works. Sex toy reviews are great for this, and will help you make a better decision.

Ask for help

If you decide to go to a local adult shop, don’t hesitate to ask for help. The staff has heard it all — and seen even more. They won’t think your question is strange or weird, no matter what you’re into. Good store associates don’t judge their customers and they won’t be phased by what you’re looking for, no matter how kinky it is. In fact, they may be the best help you’ll find because of their experience with different products.


Remember, this is just a sex toy. You’re not the first guy to want to buy one, and you won’t be the last. The first time is always a little awkward, but once you find what you and your partner enjoy, buying the next one will be much easier. Take your time, talk to your partner, and ask questions. You don’t have to shop alone, and you’re not “weird” for wanting a sex toy. A lot of people, including plenty of men, enjoy sex toys with their partner and alone. 

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