9 Unique Sex Toys You’ve Probably Never Heard Of But Definitely Need to Try

9 Unique Sex Toys You’ve Probably Never Heard Of But Definitely Need to Try

What do you think of when you think of sex toys? You probably said vibrators or dildos. And yes, these toys – along with other staples such as butt plugs, strokers, and rabbits – are classics for a good reason. 

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

But what about those more unusual sex toys? Here are a few you may not have heard of, but that you definitely need to add to your collection. 

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

You’ve heard of the rabbit. Well, now it’s time to meet the penguin! The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is a small and cute-as-hell rechargeable pressure wave stimulator. The nozzle sits around your clitoris and stimulates it via rapid pulses of air, creating a completely different kind of orgasm. 

And yes, it actually looks like a penguin… wearing a little bow tie!


Sometimes you’re craving cunnilingus and nothing else will quite hit the spot. Enter the Sqweel, the amazing bestselling oral sex simulator by Lovehoney. This innovative toy features a wheel of soft silicone tongues that will lick, flick, and tease you into ecstasy! 

Inflatable Hot Seat

The Sqweel is available in white or black. 

Inflatable Hot Seat

Being in the hot seat has never felt so good! This blow-up seat comes complete with a multi-speed vibrating dong and allows you to realise all your ride-on, hands-free sex fantasies. It’s rated for all body sizes up to 300lb and when you’re done, you can simply deflate it and put it away discreetly until next time. 

The Inflatable Hot Seat in pink is available from Caliente Adult for under $50.

Dame Eva II

The Eva II is a hands-free vibrator from woman-owned Dame Products. Unlike other wearable vibes you might have tried, this one is entirely external. The two flexible wings tuck under your labia, keeping the vibe against your clitoris for constant stimulation. Ideal for penetrative play with a partner, or just for keeping your hands free to do other things!

The Dame Eva II is available in Fir Green or Quartz Pink. 

IVibe Select Iroll

IVibe Select Iroll

You’ve experienced rabbit vibrators before, but not like this! The iVibe Select Iroll is a dual stimulation vibrator with a difference. The textured internal arm massages your G-spot with thrumming vibrations, while the external stimulator features a ring of rotating tongues. This multi-speed wheel simulates the sensation of oral sex, bringing you to a blended orgasm unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. 

MysteryVibe Crescendo

The Crescendo by MysteryVibe is unique in several ways. It is the world’s first 6-motor vibrator as well as being the first fully bendable, poseable sex toy. 

Hinges along the shaft allow you to bend the Crescendo into almost any shape you like. Enjoy internal, external, or blended pleasure all in one amazing product. 

Couples’ Sex Machine

The Crescendo is available in Plum Purple and Ocean Blue. 

Couples’ Sex Machine

Sex machines aren’t just for singles. In fact, they can be an incredible addition to your sex life with your partner. We adore the Fetish Fantasy Series International Couples’ Sex Machine, which features a masturbation sleeve for him at one end and a dildo for her at the other. Share the pleasure, bring your threesome fantasies to life safely, or just experience something a little different.

Electrosex Arcana Electro Vibe Wand

Add a little zing to your sex life with electro play! Playing with electricity sounds scary, but it’s actually far more sensual than painful. The Electrosex Arcana Electro Vibe Wand combines electricity with vibration and offers five levels of intensity for each. Use both stimulators together, or either one separately. 

Hot Octopuss Jett

You’ll also need to add Incite Electrosex Gel (sold separately) to get the most out of your Arcana Electro Vibe Wand. 

Hot Octopuss Jett

British manufacturer Hot Octopuss have long been ahead of the curve in the adult industry, creating science-backed toys for all genders. The Jett is a remote controlled “guybrator” that combines a stretchy penis sleeve with two vibrators. 

Each contains a different motor, offering different vibrating frequencies for a truly customizable experience. The Treble bullet provides high-frequency “buzzy” vibes, while the Bass bullet emits a low and penetrating rumble. Use the two motors together or separately. The Jett is perfect for solo or partnered use. 


If you’re feeling bored with the “standard” sex toys, you have more options than you realize. Start with this list to find your unique style of pleasure and fun!

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