9 Sexy Costumes to Seduce Not Scare This Halloween

9 Sexy Costumes to Seduce Not Scare This Halloween

Sexy costumes get a bad rap as unnecessary or over-the-top. But some of us like over-the-top, and we want to seduce not scare. Don’t feel bad if you want to go as a sexy version of everything you like for Halloween. But if you don’t like the options you find in regular stores, it might be time to widen your search to more unlikely places — like local adult shops.

Yes, you can find this year’s sexy Halloween costume or your next role play costume at Caliente Adult. Not sure what to get? Start with this list.

As If School Girl

As If School GirlThe schoolgirl fantasy comes in all shapes, sizes, and kinks which makes the As If School Girl costume a perfect option. This four-piece set includes a tie collar, a mesh crop top, skirt, and panty. Most of the outfit is black, but the plaid is yellow and black for a pop of color that’s not boring or typical. This plus-size option fits dress sizes 14 to 20.

Vivace Sexy Prisoner

Oh no, you’ve been a bad, bad girl who deserves to be locked up! What better way to get everyone in the mood for a sexy prison role play than to wear the Vivace Sexy Prisoner costume. This five-piece set includes a bra top, garter belt, G-string, restraints, and cap in black and white stripes. This “one-size-fits-most” costume fits dress sizes 2 to 12.

Sexy French Maid

Sexy French MaidLike schoolgirls, the french maid look is almost cliche, but you can make it your own with this Sexy French Maid costume for plus-size women, available in sizes up to 3X. You’ll get a mesh black and white dress and matching garter. Pair with heels, stockings, and other accessories that work best for you and indulge in a sexy romp with the angry “employer” who says you’re not doing a good job and need to be punished.

Curve Revved Up Hot Rod

Love racecars, Nascar, and all things racing-related? You can make it a sexy time this Halloween with the Curve Revved Up Hot Rod teddy with a mesh front, halter tie, and cheeky panty. The black and white checkered detailing will get you into your race day fantasy in no time! This plus-size costume fits sizes 14 to 20.

Sexy Nurse “Triage Trixie”

Sexy Nurse “Triage Trixie”If a hot doctor and nurse role play fantasy is your thing, check out the Sexy Nurse “Triage Trixie” costume this year! This three-piece set includes a stretchy jersey and mesh garter slip, G-string, and cap. It’s completely adjustable to provide a better fit. This nurse outfit is “one-size-fits-most” and fits sizes 2 to 14.

Play Firefighter “Hotshot”

Who says you need to be rescued by the hottie firefighter in your sexual fantasies when you can be the hottie firefighter? The Play Firefighter “Hotshot” costume comes with three pieces: a black mesh crop top, matching panty, and adjustable red suspenders. The red hat and willing kinky partner are not included. This costume comes in small, medium, and large options.

Vivace Sports Star

Vivace Sports StarDon’t be afraid to show your honey a little sports action this Halloween. The Vivace Sports Star costume is a sexy two-piece that leaves nothing to the imagination. The mesh crop top with jersey stripes and booty shorts will take your partner’s mind off the game on the TV and put it fully on you. This game-day costume is a “one-size-fits-most” option that fits sizes 2 to 12.

Play Miss Demeanor Police Costume

What kind of sexy costume list would there be without the sexy police officer, in this case, the Play Miss Demeanor? This four-piece set includes a hat, collar, apron dress with garters, and black panty. You can be the nice sexy cop or the bad, kinky cop. Or go for a combination and keep your partner on their toes!

Play Service with a Smile

Play Service with a SmileIf you loved Megan Fox’s sexiness while repairing cars in Transformers, you’ll love Play Service with a Smile. This set includes a crop top with adjustable overalls, skirt with detachable garters, and G-string. You can rev your partner’s engine, grease their wheels, and get their motor running in this sexy costume.


These costumes are sexy enough that you can make Halloween fun and kinky at home. Ignore the trick-or-treaters and give your significant other a special trick AND treat this year. Go all out for your sexy costume and enjoy fulfilling a few fantasies, too.

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