8 Realistic Dildos That Will Make Your Fantasies Come Alive

8 Realistic Dildos That Will Make Your Fantasies Come Alive

What are your sexiest, hottest fantasies? Are you dreaming of a threesome with another man? Will any penis do as long as it fills you completely? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, the right dildo can make your wild fantasies a reality.

Check out these dildos when you don’t want candy-colored penetration, and you crave something more realistic.

The Boy in Blue

The Boy in BlueDon’t let the name fool you. This isn’t a bright blue dildo, and he doesn’t have blue balls. The Boy in Blue is a 6.5 inch dildo with a realistic bend to hit you in just the right spot. The veiny texture with balls at the base complete the real feeling of a boy in your bed. Use the suction cup to mount to a flat surface or pop him in your harness for fun with a partner.

Realistic C*ck

The name says it all. This tan Realistic C*ck stands tall and proud with no curve or bend in sight. The clearly defined glans with veins running down the shaft may have you wondering if you’re really playing with a dildo. Enjoy all 6.5 inches with the suction cup in the shower or in the bedroom or get sexy and kinky with your significant other.

X5 Plus

X5 PlusNothing is more realistic than a five inch dong. The X5 Plus wants you to feel like you’re working with the real thing, so that’s all you get — five inches. But that may be more than enough, especially once you see and feel how thick it is. You get a few veins for realism, along with a bend at the frenulum, and of course, big thick testicles at the base.

King Cock

How realistic is a nine inch dildo? That depends on the size of the guys you usually get with, but if you love a dark brown shaft with plenty of inches to spare, the King Cock may be exactly what you need. Lube up and take your time with this realistic dildo. The slight curve will help you hit your sweet spots and the thickness will make you feel full. And if you love certain positions (like doggy style) use the suction cup to mount up!

Vac U Lock Hung

Vac U Lock HungIf you use the Vac U Lock harness system and want a behemoth in the bedroom with you, check out the Vac U Lock Hung. This monster dildo is a full 12 inches long and thicker than some people’s arms. Whether you play solo or you use it with your partner, go slow and use plenty of lube. The realism isn’t in the size but in the design of the massive shaft including the bluish veins running through it.

Squirting Dildo

Do you love being covered in ejaculate or having your partner come inside of you? That can make dildos pretty boring. But if you don’t have a willing partner and you’ve got needs to fulfill, the Squirting Dildo may be exactly what you need. Using the Nut Butter (included), your dildo can ejaculate on command, when you’re ready to be done — and not a moment sooner. This deep, dark brown dildo has a realistic texture and testicles so you can truly make your fantasies feel real.

All American Whopper

All American WhopperThe big boys are nice, but sometimes you just need a nice, typical dildo that feels like the real thing. The All American Whopper clocks in at 6.5 inches with a deep curve and defined glans and testicles. The heavy veins running through the shaft add to that real feeling. Even better, you get to choose from multiple colors so you can get as close to realistic as you prefer. No matter what color you pick, it’ll always be an all American dildo.

Manny the Fireman

Manny the Fireman has a hose you can play with. It’s six inches long, deep tan, and textured for your pleasure. You won’t see a lot of veins on the shaft, but that doesn’t take away from the realism of having Manny light your fire. Use the suction cup base to play alone or with a partner. Maybe Manny is the missing third you’ve been looking for all this time.


If you’ve ever felt like your hottest fantasy will never happen, we feel you. With the right sex toy, like a realistic dildo, and a little imagination, you can bring those fantasies to life. Two dildos and you equals a threesome, as does bringing a dildo into bed with you and your significant other. And if you want to make it as real as possible, look for a dildo that gives you everything you want — size, shape, color, and texture. Who says you have to just dream about fantasy lovers? At Caliente Adult Superstore, you can buy a dildo to make those dreams come true.

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