8 Questions to Ask at an Adult Store

8 Questions to Ask at an Adult Store

It’s okay to walk into an adult store and have a lot of questions. That’s what the people who work in the shop are there for. Don’t wander around the store lost and guessing at what you need.

Whether you’re a sex toy beginner or you’ve got a growing collection, ask these questions when you shop.

What’s good for a beginner?

What’s good for a beginner?When you ask this question, you’re going to need to have some idea of what kind of sex toy you want or what kind of stimulation you want to feel. A better, more specific way to ask this is to say, “What’s a good vibrator for a beginner?” or “Which cock ring is easiest to use for beginners?”

How do I use this?

As you walk around the store, you’re going to find sex toys that look interesting, but that you’ve never seen before. It’s okay to not know how something works. When it happens, just ask. They may give you a quick explanation or they may point you to good resources online that can give even more information. But don’t be afraid to ask. No one is born knowing how to use a sex toy.

Is this available in another size, color, etc?

Is this available in another size, color, etc?When you see something you like, maybe a dildo or a butt plug, but you want it in a slightly different color, size, or style, ask. That specific product might be part of a line that offers a variety to choose from. Or the sex shop employee may know of an alternative that’s closer to what you’re looking for. Sometimes a store won’t have another option in stock, but they may be able to order it for you.

What does this feel like?

No adult shop is going to let you try out a sex toy before you buy it. If you want to know what the material or the vibrations feel like, they may take it out of the package for you and let you hold it. When you want to know, ask for help. Never take a sex toy out of the box to touch it without their help. Let staff handle that — they’ll make sure it’s repackaged properly and stays clean, in case you decide not to buy it.

I want to feel/try [INSERT SEXY THING]. What sex toys should I try?

I want to feel/try [INSERT SEXY THING]. What sex toys should I try?This is similar to the first question, but one even sex toy aficionados might ask. Do you want a fuller feeling during penetration? A big vibration instead of the smaller kind you’ve experienced before? Longer erections? Bigger penis size? When you know what you want, a sex toy shop employee can often point you in the direction of the right toy. They may have tried it themselves or happy customers have told them all about it.

Do I need lube with this?

The answer is almost always yes, but it never hurts to ask, especially if you’re buying a sex toy you’ve never used before. Just a quick note, always get lube when you buy anal toys, masturbation sleeves and strokers, cock rings, and dildos that are larger than you’re used to. But if you’re not sure, just ask. A good adult store employee will let you know if you do (yes) and show you where to find the lube.

How do I clean this?

How do I clean this?Certain sex toy materials can be easily cleaned with soap and water, a sex toy cleaner, or in the dishwasher. Some can be cleaned but never fully sterilized, so using a condom is recommended. If you’re unsure of the best way to clean it, ask someone at the adult store you’re shopping at. They can give you the options available based on the product you’re buying and show you where the sex toy cleaner is located in the store.

Will I need to buy batteries?

If you’re buying a vibrator or any powered toy (vibrating cock ring, vibrating prostate massager, vibrating pocket pussy) ask about batteries. Some sex toys include batteries, others are USB rechargeable. Less expensive options may include batteries that can’t be replaced. These are usually one-use toys and not meant to last very long. If you want a rechargeable toy instead of one that uses alkaline batteries, ask to see what’s available.


The more you learn about sex toys, the more your questions will change. You might know exactly what you want to feel and need a product recommendation. You may have a toy you like and want to add accessories to make it better. Finding a good sex toy shop like Caliente Adult Superstore means that you have a resource to get help when you want to explore your pleasure and try something new.

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