7 Sex Toys You Can Use Alone or With a Partner

7 Sex Toys You Can Use Alone or With a Partner

It’s easy to convince yourself that a certain kind of sex toy can only be used alone when you masturbate or only with a partner. In fact, any sex toy can be enjoyed solo or partnered. There are no real rules about when and how to play with them. 

Here are a few types of toys that you might think can only be enjoyed alone or partnered, but we’ll show you how you can do both!

Body Massager

Body MassagerA large body or wand massager might be something you traditionally think of as a way to get off on your own, but it can definitely be used with your partner. If you’re kinky, you can combine this large vibrator with bondage or a blindfold for a bit of surprise and orgasm control. Even if kink isn’t your thing, letting your partner hold it against your body will change the angle and the sensations. You can also hold it against your vulva during penetrative sex so you both feel the vibrations.


Dildos aren’t just a toy for someone who wants penetration but has no partner to help them out. Though, they’re definitely great for that. Dildos enjoy plenty of use between couples in a variety of ways. Strap-on sex — anal or vaginal — requires a dildo in order to work. You might use a dildo as part of a threesome fantasy when you don’t have a third partner. If one of you deals with erectile dysfunction, the right dildo can provide the penetration the other partner craves while you focus on making them feel good in other ways.

Cock Ring

Cock RingIt doesn’t matter if you choose a basic stretchy ring or a vibrating cock ring, they can be used solo or together. A vibrating ring might be dubbed a “couples toy” but guys can enjoy these solo while they masturbate. You might wear a basic cock ring to last longer during partnered sex, but it can also be worn while you’re masturbating if you want to prolong the pleasure for yourself, too. A cock ring increases your erection, stamina, and orgasm, whether you’re alone or with a partner.

Finger Vibrator

Good finger vibrators might be seen as a quintessential solo sex toy, but that’s not completely true. Yes, they enhance your own fingers while you masturbate, adding extra sensation to your pleasure. But you can also hand that finger vibe to your partner and let their hands wander. You never know what kind of excitement they can cause or how good you can feel until you try it. And if you really need clit action during penetrative sex, use your finger vibrator to get what you need while your partner gets what they need.

Anal Beads

Anal BeadsUnlike butt plugs, which are made to sit in your booty until you’re ready to take them out, anal beads are made to move in and out. Why? Because those beads create all kinds of amazing stimulation. You can use it alone while you masturbate or you can bring them out with your partner and let them move your beads around. If you’re experimenting with anal sex in your relationship, anal beads are a great way to begin.


It might be one of the most popular male masturbators on the planet, but that doesn’t mean a Fleshlight can’t be used with your partner, too. Maybe you play with mutual masturbation and show your partner how you stroke yourself with it. Maybe you lie back while they use your Fleshlight on you, changing the speed, tempo, and experience for you and creating new sensations. Regardless of how you play, your stroker doesn’t have to be a dirty little secret.

Prostate Massagers

Prostate MassagersProstate massage is becoming a favorite way to explore pleasure, multiple orgasms, and new sensations during masturbation for men and anyone else with a prostate. But it’s not something that has to be relegated to solo action. If you love your prostate massager, bring it to bed with you and your partner. Use it during penetrative sex, oral sex, or just while you’re fooling around with each other. Your partner may be surprised at how explosive your orgasms are when you do.


No sex toy is just a couples toy or just for masturbation. Any sex toy can be enjoyed alone or together. Sometimes you have to get creative and sometimes you have to admit you like that kind of stimulation. But when you do, you build intimacy between you and a partner. More importantly, you have better, more satisfying sex.

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