7 PDX Pocket Pussies You Won’t Want to Put Down

7 PDX Pocket Pussies You Won’t Want to Put Down

Are you ready to upgrade your orgasms by upgrading your pocket pussy? PDX by Pipedream makes some of the most technologically advanced, powerful masturbators on the market. These toys come with all kinds of bells and whistles. No matter what kind of sensation you crave, they’ve got a stroker for you.

Not sure where to start? Check out these seven PDX pocket pussies to find your new favorite stroker.

Vibrating Stroker

Vibrating StrokerIf you’re not ready to go super-high-tech with your pocket pussy but you want something beyond the basics, start with the PDX Elite Vibrating Stroker. It looks a lot like a basic toy, but with the Fanta Flesh material that PDX is known for. It’s an affordable option that’s great for beginners. Even better, it comes with a removable bullet vibrator so you can pick and choose when it vibrates and when it doesn’t.

Talk-Back Super Stroker

Using a masturbator means you still have to use your imagination, especially if you fantasize about a dream partner. With the PDX Talk-Back Super Stroker, you can bring your fantasy to life. Not only do you get 10 vibrating patterns and massaging ridges and bumps to make your dick feel amazing, but you also get to hear moans and sexy talk. No more imagining what she might say. With this pocket pussy, you can hear it for yourself.

Suck N Pump Stroker

Suck N Pump StrokerPart of what makes the PDX line by Pipedream so good is their willingness to go there. Take the PDX Suck N Pump Stroker as an example. They combined the pocket pussy tech you expect from PDX with a fully functioning penis pump. You get both the sucking sensation of a pump, along with size enhancement, as well as multi-speed vibrations. Don’t be surprised if you bust one sooner than usual when you use it.

Motobater 2

Looking for a hands-free experience when you jack off? The PDX Elite Moto Bater 2 does it all — thrusting, sucking, and vibrating — all without having to use extra toys at the same time. This discreet pocket pussy doesn’t look realistic, so you can use your imagination to it’s fullest. Even better, when you’re done, recharge it so it’s ready for you when you get hard and horny again.

Vibrating Mega Milker

Vibrating Mega MilkerIf you fantasize about having your dick milked, you’re not alone. But without a partner who knows what to do, it can feel impossible. Enter the PDX Vibrating Mega Milker, your next pocket pussy to give you the orgasm you really crave. Surround your shaft in stimulating pleasure with a squeeze and release sensation you can’t do on your own. Choose from six speeds and seven patterns of automated vibration to milk every inch of your junk.

Ultimate Milker

Looking for a different kind of milking experience? Invest in your pleasure with the PDX Ultimate Milker. It’s made with a first-of-its-kind milker masturbator technology. You’ll be on the receiving end of a lot of automated squeezing and gyrating stimulation. Choose from 10 revolving and gyrating functions as well as five speeds to find the milking sensation you like best. As a bonus, watch your dick get milked through the transparent window.


HydrobatorThe PDX Hydrobater makes all other pocket pussies look like tin cans filled with silly putty. Not only do you get the vibration you expect from a PDX masturbator, but you also get something completely new — aquatic stimulation. Yes, you can use it dry if you prefer, but you can also turn your stroker into a water ride. The double-open-ended design allows water to flow through the tunnel while the automated stroking does its magic. Instead of Fanta Flesh, the Hydrobater is made from ribbed and textured silicone. Choose from three speeds and seven vibration modes for a mind-blowing orgasm.


If a vibrating, gyrating, thrusting, sucking, squeezing orgasm is on your list of must-haves, PDX pocket pussies will make your orgasmic dreams come true. You can stick with more basic styles and have an amazing experience or upgrade to one the strokers on this list and level up your pleasure. Either way, give yourself more reasons to jack off with a new pocket pussy!

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