7 Health Benefits of Using Sex Toys

7 Health Benefits of Using Sex Toys

Playing with sex toys, whether you use them to get off or to break up the monotony of your hand, is a fun thing to do. But did you ever consider the possibility that it might be good for you, too? That’s right, sex toys are (potentially) good for your health. Here’s how.

Pain Relief

Pain ReliefPleasure releases dopamine and other feel-good hormones into your body. It also provides a distraction and helps relax tight muscles, reducing tension. The fact that you may be able to experience this with a favorite dildo, vibrator, or pocket pussy shouldn’t surprise you. Think about how good you feel when you orgasm or simply arouse yourself. All the things that help you feel good can also help reduce your pain.

Better Sleep

All those feel-good hormones and chemicals released into your body when you play with a sex toy don’t just help you relax. They can also help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Better sleep leads to fewer illnesses, better recovery from illness, and mental clarity during the day — to name just a few benefits. Because sex toys help you achieve sexual pleasure and orgasm easier and quicker, you’re more likely to fall asleep and get a good night’s rest after you’re done.

Increase Blood Flow to Genitals

Increase Blood Flow to GenitalsPart of our body’s arousal response is increased blood flow to the genitals. This is what gets a penis hard and makes a vulva more sensitive and relaxed for penetration. But getting the blood pumping can be difficult for a variety of reasons — as we age, during illness, or when suffering from chronic conditions and pain. A sex toy that stimulates the body and turns us on helps keep the blood flowing where we need it to. This means that future sex and sexual arousal becomes easier to achieve.

Boost Immunity

A very small study seems to show that masturbation until orgasm may boost our immune system by increasing our white blood cell count. Since masturbation may be more enjoyable and orgasms may be easier to achieve with the help of a sex toy, it’s safe to say that your sex toys might be making you healthier when you use it to masturbate. You don’t have to own toys to reap this benefit, as masturbation with your hand until orgasm is enough. But if you struggle to get yourself off, a sex toy can help.

Treatment for Vaginismus

Treatment for VaginismusVaginismus and other conditions affecting the vulva often include painful penetration or inability to be penetrated. Vaginal dilators are a medical tool to help treat these conditions, but some patients (and their doctors) find that small dildos from a sex toy shop (with plenty of lube) do a better job. Anyone experiencing pain during vaginal penetration should talk to their doctor and get the treatment they need. But don’t be surprised if one option for reducing your pain and improving your condition involves buying a new sex toy.

Stronger Pelvic Muscles

Weak pelvic muscles, common in people who have given birth vaginally, often leads to urination when you laugh, sneeze, cough, or do any number of things. It can also lead to less satisfying sex and fewer orgasms. While Kegel exercises are free and effective, they’re also easy to forget. Ben wa balls, especially stimulating or vibrating options, make your “workout” much more enjoyable and provide an arousing form of exercise. You’re turned on, but you’re also strengthening very important muscles.

Maintain Prostate Health

Maintain Prostate HealthStudies seem to show that men who orgasm regularly have better prostate health, reducing their chances of prostate cancer and other illnesses. Prostate massage, with or without a sex toy, may also help reduce prostate size. This means using a prostate massager or any sex toy for masturbation could improve your health. That you may also have bigger, better, and possibly more orgasms is just a bonus.


Sex toys are tools to enhance sexual experiences. They may it easier to reach your desired outcome — whether that’s an orgasm or not. At the same time, sexual pleasure, arousal, and release make us feel good. And while pleasure is definitely a worthy goal of the sexy fun we can have — with and without sex toys — would you play more often if you knew it was good for your health? Would you feel less guilt or shame about desire if you realized all the health benefits masturbation and sex offer? We hope so.

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