7 G-Spot Dildos That May Have You Screaming With Pleasure

7 G-Spot Dildos That May Have You Screaming With Pleasure

Not everyone gets off from G-spot stimulation but those who do know just how important hitting the right spot can be. Fingers might reach, but the D might not. That’s where toys made for the G-spot come in. A good dildo can hit your G-spot, feel good on the way in, and never get tired so you can keep going until you’re ready to stop.

Looking for a G-spot dildo so good you’ll scream with pleasure? Check out this list.

Crystal G Spot Wand

Crystal G Spot WandFrom a distance, the Crystal G Spot Wand looks more like something out of a fairy tale than a dildo. But the way it hits your g-spot might make you a believer in magic. The round, bulbous tip is perfect for finding your G-spot and covering the most surface area. The slim shaft keeps it comfortable once inserted and easy to maneuver to find the perfect angle for you. Made from 100 percent borosilicate glass, you can use any lube you love and even play with temperature (hot or cold).

Icicles No. 66

If the Icicles No. 66 G-spot dildo reminds you of anal beads, you’re not wrong. In fact, advanced anal sex lovers might have a blast with this toy. Because of its size, dildo use is likely best for most people. The small round tip makes insertion easier while the increasing size down the shaft adds extra stimulation as you work this glass dildo in and out of your body. At the same time, the curve helps you find your G-spot easier so you get the most pleasure from your new toy.

Dorcel So Dildo G-Spot

Dorcel So Dildo G-SpotThis specific model of Dorcel So Dildo is the phosphorescent (or glow-in-the-dark) option, but you can also find it in multiple colors. The real fun comes from its shape. Not only do you get the curved tip perfect for G-spot stimulation, but you also get a gently curved shape with ridges for extra stimulation. To make it even better (and find what works best for you), you can use either end of this dildo for insertion.

Slim Dillio

Yo, what’s the Dillio? (We crack ourselves up.) The Slim Dillio is a six-inch insertable dildo with a realistic tip and a curved shaft to hit your G-spot just right. You also get a suction cup base to mount your new dildo to any flat surface for the perfect penetration experience. The full Dillio line comes in different lengths, girths, and angles so you can always have the dicking down you crave most.

Colours Wave

Colours WaveLooking for a G-spot dildo that doesn’t look like every other curved toy? The Colours Wave will remind you of the waves of pleasure you could be riding. This six-inch silicone dildo is supple but firm, fitting in and against your body comfortably. The bulbous tip will hit your G-spot just right, while the wavy curves add extra sensation to each thrust and stroke while you get yourself (or a partner!) off.

Ride the Waves

Speaking of waves, the Curve Novelties Ride the Waves takes the wave metaphor to a new level. This silicone G-spot dildo curves into a gentle S. The real stand-out feature, though, are the texture nubs. With each stroke in or out, you’ll give yourself extra stimulation, even as the curved tip rubs against your G-spot. If you’re feeling adventurous, turn this one around and try it with the more pointed end.

Tantus Magma

Tantus MagmaDon’t be fooled into thinking the Tantus Magma is like every other dildo with a bit of “texture.” The name comes from the molten silicone textured with thick drips down the shaft — just like cooled magma. This girthy dildo has the tell-tale curve of a good G-spot toy so it’ll hit all your hotspots, as it goes in and out. Use it alone or with a partner. It’s harness compatible and great for anyone who loves penetration.


Everyone’s body is a bit different so finding the perfect G-spot dildo for you takes experimentation and knowing your body well. Once you find a good toy, you might not want to use anything else. One of these dildos is sure to hit your G-spot just right, over and over again.

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