5 Types of Vibrators Your G-Spot Will Love

5 Types of Vibrators Your G-Spot Will Love

The clitoris doesn’t always get enough attention between partners which is why the vibrator is so important. But there’s another spot that doesn’t get all the love it deserves either, and that’s the g-spot.

It’s bad enough some people don’t believe it even exists — it does. If you know that your g-spot is your hot button, you know exactly how real it is. But you might also think few, if any, sex toys can get you off. That’s not necessarily true. With the right vibrator buzzing away against your g-spot, you could have bigger, better orgasms that you’ll crave and love.

Check out these types of vibrators and find the one that makes you feel amazing.

Rabbit Style Vibrators

Rabbit Style VibratorsOne of the most popular style of vibrators on the market, the rabbit is designed to give you pleasure inside and out, in as many ways as possible. In the 1980s, sex toys couldn’t legally be manufactured and sold in Japan due to their obscenity laws. So they designed their products to look like animals — rabbits, beavers, and dolphins. Somehow they fooled the censors and whoever else cared way too much about what the Japanese were going in their bedrooms.

Today, we all benefit from the massive amounts of pleasure created by those inventive sex toy makers. What makes a rabbit vibrator so good for your g-spot is the largest part that penetrates your body. Depending on the style you select, it doesn’t just vibrate. It can also pulse, escalate, thrust, and twist — all to give you the stimulation and orgasms you crave.

G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot VibratorsTechnically, any vibrator that can penetrate your body can be a g-spot vibrator. But these specific vibrators tend to have certain features that make them better for your hotspot. The end tends to be bulbous and where most of the sensations are centered. It’s also bent at the end so that it can better reach your g-spot.

If you enjoy vibrations in other areas, these vibrators can become multi-purpose really easily. The bulbous head can feel really good on the clitoris, and you (or your partner) might like the sensations on your perineum. The perineum is the area between your anus and your genitals. It’s the gateway to more penetrative anal play — a bit like knocking on the backdoor without having to go inside.

Body Massagers (with Attachments)

Body Massagers (with Attachments)Technically, body massagers are designed for external stimulation — clitoris, nipples, and large muscle groups. But creative sex toy makers realized that you might want the big, rumbly sensations against your g-spot, too. So they made attachments that can be partnered with the bigger vibrators.

This means you get all the power of something like the Original Magic Wand (also known as the Hitachi) but against your g-spot instead of your clitoris. With the right attachment you can hit all your best spots — inside and out.

G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator Combinations

G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator CombinationsYou might think a g-spot and clit combination vibrator would be just like the rabbit vibrator. Think again. These sex toys don’t look like your typical vibrator. Many are shaped to fit more snugly against your body so you can get as much sensation and stimulation as possible. Some are designed to adjust and others act as a couples sex toy so that both partners feel the vibrations.

We-Vibe is a great example of this. The We-Vibe Sync hits both your g-spot and your clitoris and your partner can feel the vibrations, too. It’s adjustable to fit your body comfortably. The We-Vibe Jive looks very similar, but it’s a vibrator meant for one. Even better, you can control We-Vibe toys from a mobile app so you don’t have to adjust the toy to change the settings.

Finger Vibrator

Finger VibratorThe finger vibrator is one of the most overlooked vibrators. It’s small and it fits over your finger, so it’s easy to think it’s not going to do much. In fact, it’s perfect if you prefer to masturbate with your hand but want a little extra fun.

While most finger vibrators are meant for clitoral stimulation, some are large and powerful enough to tap your g-spot. Add lube to your vibe and finger, get yourself warmed up, and slip your finger inside your body. Once you find the right spot, you may be surprised just how good it can feel.


The right sex toy can make you feel pleasure you never imagined. If you like buzzy sensations and extra power in your orgasms, a g-spot vibrator can take your next orgasm from good to the fan-freaking-tastic! Find the right toy for your body, your preferences, and, especially your g-spot.

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