5 Ideas for Your Next Date Night

5 Ideas for Your Next Date Night

If your last few date nights have followed the same tired routine, it’s time to heat things back up. Instead of a movie, dinner out, and quickie sex at the end of the night, try something fresh and exciting, and maybe a little kinky.

At Caliente Adult Superstore, we have the ideas and the sex toys, lingerie, and more you need to make your next date night exciting again.

Order In and Get Naked

Order In and Get NakedWho says date night has to involve leaving your house or putting on pants? Order dinner in, find a movie you want to watch, and do everything naked — after dinner arrives, of course. Simply the act of being nude can be a sensual experience. You’ll touch each other in ways you don’t think about and have complete skin-to-skin contact. Cuddling on the couch will be a completely new experience. Maybe you forget the movie and get it on in the living room. Maybe you eat dinner off of each other and lick your partner from head to toe. Everything is more exciting when you do it naked.

Play with Toys in Public

Love to be a little “naughty” in public and do things no one else would do? One or both of you can wear a sex toy in public while you’re out on your typical date. Ben wa balls, butt plugs, and vibrating panties are all options. You can put them in or on before you leave to go out or do it once you arrive at the restaurant or theater. Bonus points if your toy works off a remote control and you hand it over to your partner. You’ll be turned on and ready for whatever happens when you get home.

Pretend to Meet for the First Time

Pretend to Meet for the First TimeConsider this a form of roleplay that you can take as far as you’d like. Maybe you try to pick each other up in a bar and create an entire fake backstory about who you are. You can also just pretend to go on a blind date with each other and act like you’re meeting for the first time. It’s easy to forget the excitement and the flirty nature of first dates and new relationships. This can help you rekindle that in a fun and pressure free kind of way. You already know they’re going home with you so sit back, relax, and play pretend for an evening.

Go Sex Toy Shopping

Sex toy shopping can be a great way to spend time together and talk about your desires, needs, and fantasies. Browse the store and find out what all your options are. Chances are good that you’ll discover things you didn’t even know existed. Ask questions to learn more, and talk to each other about what you want to try. Before you leave, find something you’d both like to play with together. Once you know what the rest of date night has in store, you might skip the rest of your plans to go home and get naked.

Set a Date for Hotel Sex

Set a Date for Hotel SexIs there anything better than hotel sex? You don’t have to make the bed or clean up afterwards. You can usually make as much noise as you’d like — but turn on the TV or clock radio first if you’re really loud. Even better, you can order room service and keep going all night long. Head out of town for the night or stay local. Leave the details to one partner so the other can be surprised or plan the fun together. Make it part of a roleplay fantasy and one of you can be the “escort” hired for the evening. Don’t forget your sex toys, lingerie, and kinky gear for even more fun.


If you both want your next date night to end with you both naked and satisfied, get creative about how you can use your night out to turn you both on. Sometimes it’s as simple as flirty talk and a few sexts throughout the day. But sometimes you’ve got to get creative and plan it out a little. If you’ve fallen into a rut, use any of our ideas to make your relationship and your sex life hot and satisfying again.

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Infographic for 5 Ideas for Your Next Date Night

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