4 Reasons to Buy Your Partner a Sex Toy This Christmas

4 Reasons to Buy Your Partner a Sex Toy This Christmas

Want to turn ho, ho, ho, into oh, oh, oh and get your partner and maybe yourself off in new ways? Make this the year you give your partner the gift of sexual pleasure and buy them a new sex toy for Christmas!

Not sure it’s a good idea? Here are four reasons why this is the year to wrap up some sexy fun.

More Orgasms and Pleasure

More Orgasms and PleasureWhen you find the right sex toy for you, you’re practically guaranteed sexual pleasure and orgasms any time you use it. If you’ve already got a favorite toy, you know what we mean. So why wouldn’t you want your partner to have that kind of experience, too? Not only will they get more in touch with themselves (literally and figuratively), they’ll have more fun doing it. More orgasms is never a bad thing.

To buy a sex toy with a good chance of sending your partner into orgasmic orbit, think about what kind of stimulation they like, alone (if you know) and with you. If they love handjobs and penetrative sex, a Fleshlight might be perfect for them. If they love rumbly vibrations against their clit, a wand massager could be the perfect thing. Just like you would for any other gift, think about who they are and what they like before you buy anything.

Different Sensations and Experiences

Sex toys don’t just get you off, they also help you feel new sensations. Is your partner curious about anal play? A butt plug might be exactly what they need. Have you talked about trying bondage and getting kinky? A restraint kit and blindfold might be the perfect gift — whether your partner gets tied up or you do.

By giving the gift of new experiences and pleasant sensations, you’re telling your partner that you’re comfortable exploring new forms of pleasure with them. You’re giving them permission to want more than whatever you usually do together in bed. That can be a powerful thing — not just to improve your sex life, but to build more intimacy between you.

Make Their Pleasure a Priority

Make Their Pleasure a PriorityAs individuals, it’s okay to consider self-pleasure important. Masturbation is popular for a reason. But when you give your partner a sex toy, you’re letting them know that you think their pleasure is a priority, too. You’re acknowledging that you might not be able to create every form of stimulation they’ll enjoy. That a sex toy might be able to do things you can’t do, and you’re okay with that.

Most importantly, you’re telling them that it’s okay to seek other forms of sexual pleasure. They may use the toy alone or with you. But you’ve taken an important first step in making it clear that you’re not threatened by a sex toy or what they do when you’re not in bed with them. When you hand someone a toy they can use to get themselves off, you’re telling them you want them to have more pleasure. That’s a powerful statement to make.

Have Fun Together

Maybe you want your partner to have more sexual pleasure, orgasms, and new experiences, and that all sounds good. But you’re still thinking, “What about me?” Beyond all the altruistic reasons to give the gift of sexual pleasure, another reason to do it is so you can play together. Whether it’s a vibrating cock ring or a couples vibrator made by We-Vibe, there are plenty of toys made for two.

A couples sex toy can also be a great introduction to using toys for newbies. If your partner has never used a vibrator, dildo, or any other toy before, this may be the perfect place to begin their journey. It will feel less intimidating because you’ll be there with them, and it’s something you can do together. Have them unwrap their gift on Christmas morning, and then unwrap each other until you’re both naked!


Before you buy your partner a sex toy this Christmas (or at any time during the year), make sure you know how they feel about toys. Also, give a lot of thought to what kind of stimulation they enjoy or the conversations you’ve had about sex and pleasure in the past. And if you’re worried about picking the wrong thing, a gift card is always a perfect alternative. With a gift card, you can shop together later, and you know you’ll both have a good time with whatever they choose. Between sex toys and gift cards, you can make this holiday season an orgasmic one for your partner — and yourself.

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