Skins Aqua Water Based Lubricant – 8.5 oz

Skins Aqua Water Based Lubricant - 8.5 oz
  • Skins Aqua Water Based Lubricant - 8.5 oz + 1
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Do you know what helps make having sex more amazing? Staying slippery and slick. If your body isn't helping, try a Water Based Lubricant like Skins Aqua Water Based Lubricant - 8.5 oz instead.


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Product Description

Designed specifically to enhance the pleasure and comfort of intimacy, Skins Aqua is the most natural feeling water based lubricant you can find. Skins Aqua has been formulated to such a high standard that it has already been approved as a FDA510K medical device so you can rest assured you are using the very best.
The closest you’ll come to natural… Clear, odorless and water-based. Gentle, non-staining and fragrance free. Silky smooth and long lasting. Latex and toy friendly
New Reaquav8 technology :All Skins water based lubricants have the ability to reactivate themselves with just a few drops of water. So you can enjoy natural feeling, silky smooth sex for longer.

This fantastic water based lubricant by Creative Conceptions is a good way to go but in case it isn’t exactly what you need, then hunt for a different kind of lubricant here. If you are looking for more items, check out all our sex products here or visit Caliente Adult main store page.
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