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Leather Fetish Wear

Fifty Shades of Leather

There are times when introductory bondage-wear is best and times when a real investment is needed. Leather harnesses, garments and collars are pieces that should serve you for years, whereas masks and ball gags need to be chosen according to your level of experience. Below is some of the most essential leather bondage gear every master needs for disciplining.  

Noir Faux Leather Harness BlackHarnesses

Like collars, harnesses will only wear if you tend to pull on them, but most are made from 
thin, pliant leather. As long as riveted areas are lined and the harness style is open, you can choose the same adjustable style for both beginners and experienced lovers.


Leather isn’t porous, so your leather garments need to be made from pliable, thin leather. Soft black corsets, dresses, vests, shirts, pants and more are the perfect primer for a night of unhinged sex.


Scarlet Couture Collar & Leash Leather collars don’t usually wear as easily as cuffs do, so you can safely choose un-padded, lined styles for day-to-day wear. Functionality is important, but your personal style also counts.
Primal players are more likely to pull on their leather, and padding adds a soft touch that will be far more comfortable over the long term. Slim-garment leather is perfect for those who like a chic look they can integrate into their normal lives.

Cuffs and Restraints

Cuffs and ankle restraints need bound edges so that the rivets don’t make contact with the skin, since some people are prone to allergic reactions to brass. Bondage mittens are a lesser-known option that covers the entire hand, often extending all the way to the elbow.

HoodsRapture Leather Mask OS

Beginners will need controller leather hoods that are relatively loose to avoid headaches. So if your submissive needs something a little more open and light at first, try a PVC lined model. Once they grow accustomed to a hood, graduate to a full controller version for an intense sensory-deprivation experience.

As a kinkster, you spend years learning how to use your toys properly, so the quality of your leather fetish wear should reflect the effort you put into your techniques. Whether you’re a Fifty Shades initiate learning the figurative and literal ropes or experienced, leather is a crucial for your collection.