What You Can Learn About Someone from Their Favorite Sexual Position

What You Can Learn About Someone from Their Favorite Sexual Position

Ah yes, dating. The bizarre mating ritual is practiced in western countries by a variety of age groups. When two people meet and begin this dance, there’s a great amount of time devoted to the process of getting to know one another. We learn about one another’s, virtues, vices, favorite things, turn-offs, and of course, we learn about one another’s favorite things in the bedroom. The sexual activity we see in one another can be quite telling about the aspects of our personality traits. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at this dance between ourselves and our partner, and the deeper meaning contained therein. 


Easily the most used sexual position, the missionary is tried and true and has been tested more than once. If this is what you favor it could possibly mean that you value intimacy as well as feelings of familiarity. However, it could also mean that you’re intimidated about trying something new or experimenting. If this is your go-to, you might want to consider breaking out of your routine from time to time. 

Reverse Cowgirl (or Cowboy)

A recent survey pointed out that very few couples have this as their favorite position. If this happens to your favorite, and you would be in a low percentage of 7%, then you’re a maverick, an outsider, and you value individuality as well as personal freedom. 

Doggy Style

90s kids might not think of the sexual position right away, but rather Snoop Dogg’s debut album that was one of the highlights of Gangsta Rap’s popularity. Let it be known that we are in fact discussing the sexual position. A favorite of many couples, both queer and hetero, it speaks to having a playful and powerful side. It also means you have a predilection for kink, which is a good thing. 


The lotus position is considered by many to be the most intimate of all sexual positions. If lotus is your preferred position, there’s quite a bit that it shows about you. Aside from having a strong love of intimacy, it also hints that you have an exhibitionist side to you…nothing wrong with showing off, is there? 

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