Relieving Holiday Stress Through Sex (Yes, Really)

Relieving Holiday Stress Through Sex (Yes, Really)

If there’s anything more stress-inducing than the holiday season, we’re not sure we want to know about it. Between shopping, getting meals prepared, and waiting on the onslaught of guests, both welcome and not, it can wreak havoc on your mental wellbeing. Sure, when it’s all over here a brief respite and a collective sigh of relief, then there’s the aggravation of cleaning everything up. Fear not—there’s a solution to relieve the panic of this ordeal. That’s right, sex…

Sexuality and your brain’s chemistry that causes joy and elation are directly linked to one another. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what causes the state of euphoria after climaxing, know that your brain is releasing chemicals that contribute to joy and pleasure. While we assume you already know how to initiate the most joyous of acts with a consenting party, we’ve compiled a shortlist of activities to take part in. 


As one of the primary human senses, touch can initiate a tidal wave of feelings between you and your partner. Giving one another a massage is not only an effective way to relieve stress, it’s one of the easiest tools when initiating foreplay. What begins as relieving stress will shortly become a romp in the bedroom. You might find that there’s much more than kissing going on underneath the mistletoe this season. 

Locking One Another in Embrace

Holding someone provides a sense of security and reassurance. It’s a very intimate moment that has very few equals. While this might not lead to anything sexual, it’s a wonderful and thoughtful gift that costs nothing and will melt your stress away like the snow on a spring morning. 

Deep Breathing 

Our final suggestion is one that can be done in conjunction with the other two activities. Deep breathing is a very intimate act that can draw you two closer to one another. Whether it’s done during a sensual massage or a soft embrace, you’ll feel more drawn to your partner than ever before. 

After the Holiday, Become Caliente 
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