Look and Feel Your Best During the Holidays with Masturbation

Look and Feel Your Best During the Holidays with Masturbation

Well, 2022 is in its final stretch, and 2023 will be here before you know it. This means celebrating and indulging in the Dionysian and the hedonistic. Feasts, get-togethers, and gift-exchanging are certainly all part and parcel of this time of year. That said, a great deal of stress and aggravation also accompanies them. Mental health experts and those who are well-acquainted with the field of human sexuality both agree that self-care is of the highest importance, not just during this time of year but all year round. And yes, we’re referring to the act of loving yourself to feel good. After all, no one knows your own body quite like you do. 

Hormonal Relief 

Does masturbation receive the stress that accumulates during the holiday season? Yes. According to experts in the field, masturbation causes a euphoric feeling because of the release of a chemical in the human brain known as oxytocin. This helps alleviate stress and can also help improve your sleeping habits and quality. 

Mental Health 

If we were to ask you what the most sexually charged organ of the human body was, you might assume that the answer would be your genitalia. This is a logical assumption, as it’s what’s most associated with libido. The truth of the matter is that the human brain is the organ most closely tied to our sexuality. Masturbation allows the mind to wander and lose itself during climax, which, as anyone with seasonal depression will tell you, is very important this time of year. 

Physical Health 

While masturbation is highly effective in the release of oxytocin, there’s the second part of this equation that is just as important to our well-being during this time of year, and that’s serotonin. Known to some as the chemical that causes euphoria and happiness, one of the best ways to get the brain to release this chemical is through physical activity. And there’s possibly no better physical activity that involves the release of both of these chemicals than masturbation. The holiday season can be one of the most stress-inducing times of the year. It’s of the utmost importance that we all take the time to love ourselves. And yes, we mean that literally. 

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