Introducing Chastity Play into a Relationship

Introducing Chastity Play into a Relationship

If you’ve ever watched Mel Brooks’ comedic take of the middle ages, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, you may recall Maid Marian’s Everlast brand chastity belt. While the aspects of maintaining chastity until marriage is about as popular a concept as getting your teeth drilled or owning a pet rock, some men have found the concept of forced chastity to be a very arousing and exciting way to inject some spice back into their love life. 

The Age of the Cage 

Let’s face it, self-control is difficult to master, especially when it comes to libido. Sexuality is a very primal urge, when the desire hits, it’s only natural to attempt to remedy the situation, either with a consenting party or by one’s self. Eliminating the ability to do so is an act of masochism that can cause arousal. But how does one keep hands off the meat? 

The answer to this dilemma is answered in the use of the “cock cage.” The same technology once used to guard the virtues of maidens in storybooks is now subverting the typical roles in sexuality and taking penile penetration out of the equation entirely. The end result of this action places the male sexual organ in the control of their significant other. This complete surrender of masculinity might seem odd to some, but many have found this vice to have its fair share of virtues. Perhaps a new slogan, “under cock and key” will soon enter the pop culture lexicon. 

The Benefits of Chastity 

You might be wondering what the benefits and appeal might be in having your genitalia placed into a confined space and locked up, held firmly beyond your control. Well, as we were taught in science class, necessity is the mother of invention. By taking away control and the ability to answer to the natural reaction that stems from sexual arousal, one must resort to other methods. It’s also a way of preserving the best-tasting desserts until the meal is finished. Allowing pent-up frustration to manifest within until the key is removed and the unwilling prisoner is freed to take his former captor in rapture. 

Besides, for someone who’s never experienced it before, forced captivity can be exciting and adrenaline-pumping. And that’s before any clothes come off. If the concept still seems foreign but your curiosity is now getting the better of you, we have a solution…

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