Intimacy Through the Art of Mutual Masturbation

Intimacy Through the Art of Mutual Masturbation

It’s hard to believe that we once lived in a world where masturbation carried a significant stigma. The rumors of going blind and hairy palms were attributed to the practice that nobody talked about, but everyone did in the privacy of their own bedroom. These days, the stigma has been eradicated, and several health professionals and experts in the field of sexuality have both attested to the benefits of loving yourself. Today, we’ll be discussing a variation of masturbation, one that involves you, your partner, and a level of intimacy that you might have never known existed. 

Heightening Libido Through Voyeurism

If you’ve ever watched pornography with your partner, then you’re well aware of how the sights of eroticism can accentuate the mood rather quickly. Now, you can experience that same act together in a whole new way. Watching your partner fulfill their desires through masturbation can certainly inflame your passions in new and exciting ways. Doing this act face to face and resisting the urge to partake in physical contact will become the newest thrill. 

Getting to Know Intimate Details 

Masturbation is an important part of getting to know your body as it goes through the stages of puberty. While you know your body quite well, your partner might still have several mysteries that you might not know of. By watching them pleasure themselves, you’ll be able to get a firmer grasp on what makes them tick, what turns them on, and how to reach new heights of sexual euphoria. 

Introducing Something New 

The usage and implantation of toys to enhance bedroom activity might not be agreeable to everyone, and some might not have any concept of where a good place to start is. Luckily, watching your partner experience joy through these cherished items can be quite rewarding. Whether you just enjoy watching or decide to take things to the next level with a few new additions, it’s a great way to explore. 

Less Stress

Let’s face it–sometimes you might not be in the mood to engage in sexual activity. Either watching your partner masturbate or taking the role of an exhibitionist is a great way to be intimate with one another and heighten the limits of libido for the next time you engage in the blissful embrace of sex. 

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