How to Effectively Stimulate the Male Prostate

How to Effectively Stimulate the Male Prostate

For those who were assigned males at birth, the penis is often thought of as the main component of sexual arousal. For CIS men and for those who have gone through the process of transition, there’s another form of sexual stimulation that can result in earth-shaking orgasms and new heights of pleasure. What is this instrument of sexual utopia? Why it’s the prostate. Today, we’ll explore the stimulation that often goes missing from discourse regarding human sexuality. 

What Exactly is the Prostate? 

The prostate is a gland between the penis and the bladder, located just behind the rectum. You might be wondering what exactly this has to do with achieving an orgasm. Think of the prostate as the male “g-spot.” It’s packed with a large number of nerve endings. When stimulated, sexual euphoria is experienced. Stimulating the prostate requires anal penetration, so it might be new or uncomfortable for some folks. 

How to Properly Stimulate the Prostate 

Now that we’ve covered the ground of what the prostate is, where it’s located, and the benefits that come from a prostate orgasm, we’re ready to go through the proper tips (pun intended) to stimulate it properly. 

Get Into the Right State of Mind

If this is new to you, it’s important that you only decide to partake if you’re comfortable and willing to do so. Anal penetration isn’t agreeable to everyone, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to perform if you’re not ready. Consent and comfort are the two most important rules. 

Outside First

For newcomers and experienced people alike, it’s best not immediately to go right into anal penetration. Many prefer to start out with the perineum, which is the patch of skin between the anus and testicles. Massaging the middle of the perineum and feeling around until you find the bulbous structure under the skin; this is the prostate. Take some time to arouse it until it becomes engorged. 

From The Finger to the Toy

One of the most important aspects of any sexual relationship is experimentation and a willingness to explore. When it comes to penetration, it’s a good idea to start small if you’re new or inexperienced. Start with the slow insertion of the finger, and find out where your comfort level is. From there, you can move on to toys such as strap-ons to increase pressure and pleasure. Above all, have fun, enjoy yourself and practice safety and consent at all times. 

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