How to Become Trained in the Art of Oral Sex

How to Become Trained in the Art of Oral Sex

Some call it oral sex, others fellation, eating out, whichever term you prefer, but it all comes down to one term that describes that act of pleasuring one’s partner—“cunnilingus.” Popular culture has done an incredible job at promoting the notion that the clitoris is some lost treasure to be sought out like the ark of the covenant. Instructions on the topic seem vague, so we’ve narrowed down the techniques that will train you the right way. 

Make Sure Your Partner is at Ease 

Insecurities about oral sex are completely normal. This is primarily due to a generation of puritanical thinking, which created a stigma that sexuality was taboo. Another hindrance is self-doubt. Some women worry that their genitalia might appear “gross” or smell unappealing. An excellent way to relax your partner is to show enthusiasm for doing the deed and aren’t looking at it as an “obligation.” 

Prepare Yourself For A Lengthy Stay 

The secret to performing cunnilingus is possessing the willpower and stamina to go the extra mile. Get comfortable; you might be here for a bit. On average, it takes a woman anywhere from 30 minutes to a full hour to achieve orgasm. And like so many other activities of the sort, it’s best to start from the top and work your way to the very bottom.

Find a Routine that Works for Both of You 

One of the most significant aspects of sexuality is experimentation. When it comes to mastering cunnilingus, it might take you and your partner the perfect way of performing the act. But, when you do, you should deviate very little from it. The best way to discover what works and what doesn’t is to listen to the reactions that occur whenever you’re in the middle of a performance. You’ll quickly know when you’ve tapped the gold mine. 

Prepare for the Upcoming Orgasm 

Black metal band Sarcofago once sang, “I shall make you endure a tidal wave of pleasure.” When it comes to your partner reaching orgasm, a tidal wave is an ideal result. If your partner is about to climax, whatever you do, don’t stop what you’re doing. Even when they climax, continue what you’re doing until they tell you to stop. 

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