How to Add More Romance to Your Busy Schedules

How to Add More Romance to Your Busy Schedules

Keeping the romance alive after finding your true love can be difficult. Keeping it alive when you’re both busy can be even harder. How would you rate the state of your romance? Not great, right?

We’re here to help you spice up your love life with new ideas and sex toys to try tonight!

Schedule Your Sex and Romance

Schedule Your Sex and RomanceWhen you’re stuck with a busy schedule, it’s hard to make time for anything you enjoy, let alone sex. You barely have time to shower, eat dinner, or scroll through social media until your eyes shut. Getting down with your partner is usually the first thing to get cut from your schedule.

Our advice? Make it a priority and, if you have to, schedule your sexy fun. That’s right. Put it on the calendar like you would a business meeting or doctor’s appointment. No, we’re not joking. You need more romance, sex, and heat in your love life, and if it’s not happening on it’s own, the only option is to schedule it.

Make Sex More Exciting

Make Sex More ExcitingOkay, so you’ve found time to have more sex, but you’re kind of in a rut. It’s okay to have your favorite sex position or your preferred spot to get busy in the bedroom. But sometimes you have to change things up to make sex more exciting and something you look forward to.

Here are a few ways to heat things up in the bedroom:

  • Dress up for each other in sexy lingerie or costumes
  • Act on a role play fantasy you can’t stop thinking about
  • Add new sensations with flavored lube or massage oil
  • Set the mood with scented candles
  • Have a glass of wine together — while naked

More importantly, use sex toys to bring both arousal and satisfaction to your relationship. When you’re busy, it is still very important to satisfy your partner to keep that “spark” in the romance. Caliente Adult Superstore can help with a variety of partner sex toys that will fit many situations.

Add Sex Toys

Add Sex ToysOkay, so you’ve done the sweet, sexy, romantic thing. What’s next? It’s time to add spice and heat so you can’t wait until you can get naked with each other again. There are a lot of ways to do it — that role play fantasy mentioned above is a great one. But (and we might be biased here) we recommend adding sex toys to your life.

Wait, what?

No, sex toys don’t replace your partner. They’re not a sign that you’re dissatisfied. And no, they won’t make you forget to focus on each other. Sex toys are a tool that enhance pleasure, and they can be used in so many sexy ways. Especially if you want to bump up the intensity of your sex life but don’t have a lot of time.

Mutual masturbation: This is a legitimate way to have sex with your partner. Each of you use your favorite toy to get yourself off — naked, together, in bed. When you’re done, feel free to ask, “Was it good for you?” before you cuddle up and go to sleep.

Couples sex toys: Sex toys that provide both of you with pleasure are always a fun option. Vibrating cock rings are great for some couples. He gets a harder erection that lasts longer, and she gets clitoral stimulation with each thrust.

Use your sex toys on each other: If one of you has a vibrator or a stroker that gets you off with ease, let your partner drive. That’s right — let them control your toy. They’ll play with it differently than you do, and they’ll definitely hit different spots. If it’s not what you like, show them what to do, and then lie back and enjoy the fun!


Busy schedules don’t have to put an end to your romantic or sexual life. You’ve just got to find a way to work around them so you connect with your partner as often as possible. At Caliente Adult Superstore, we love helping you melt the sheets and spice up your sex life!

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